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How to wear Ruby - Manikya Gemstone, Description, Properties, Type, Purity, Identification and method.

How to wear Ruby - Manikya Gemstone, Description, Properties, Type, Purity, Identification and method.

One of the Navratnas, Manikya Ratna, falls into the category of highly acclaimed gemstones throughout the world. Manikya Ratna is widely known on the basis of its pleasing color and form and quality. Details are found in almost all major languages ​​of the world. In Sanskrit language, it has been given nouns like Manikya, Padmarag, Kuruvind, Vasuratna etc. Manikya in Hindi language, Manikyam in Telugu language, Bangla and Manik in Marathi, Lalbadrushan in Arabic, Yakut in Persian and Ruby in English language.

Origin or composition of Ruby or Manikya Ratna Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR, Astrologer Acharya V Shastri is Top Famous Astrologer in Delhi NCR,

Manikya Ratna is actually a mine stone. It contains a mixture of aluminium, oxygen, iron and chromium elements, based on the findings obtained from the experiments of physics. Its manic hexagon form is obtained from the mines. The Manikya Ratna is counted among the gems of the Kuruvinda caste. It originates in mines in India, China, Burma, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. If the gemstone is omitted, then of all the other jewels available, the Manikya Ratna is recognized as the most rigid gemstone.

Manikya Ratna – Ruby Gemstone is a transparent and dark red colour gemstone similar to blood red, rose red and red lotus. Likewise, the Manikya gemstone produced in Sri Lanka has a light blue aura, but based on the discrimination, one gets cognizance of five types of ruby color.

Padmarag: This ruby ​​is considered to be the best, with a dark red color like Kanchan, light rays, light yellow aura.

Saugandhik: This ruby ​​having the color like pomegranate is of lower standard than Padmarag.

Neelagandhi: The color of this gemstone originating in Sri Lanka is red and also carries a light blue aura.

Kurubind: This gem is lighter in color and has a slightly yellow aura.

Purple: This gem of red Kaner or berries is of normal value. Even though there is a distinction of ruby, its importance is simple.

Manikya is the representative gem of the Sun. In this, only Manikya Ratna with Padmarag category is the excellent. Due to unavailability or absence of the Padmarag grade Manikya gem, many people wear manikya for its options.

Defects of Ruby Gemstone – Manikya Ratna contact for consultant with Genuine Astrologer with expert of future predictions for his clientele.

To gain favourable benefits by strengthening the Sun, Original and real ruby ​​gemstone is worn, but this gemstone is also found defective and fake. Rubies that are light, light in weight, dusty, rough, hard, filthy, deformed, rough, tattered, two-colour, forged, speckled or with a point symbol should not be used for forgetting. Such a gem gives terrible consequences instead of profit. no negative effects of wearing ruby gemstone.

Manikya is the representative gem of the Sun. When the Sun planet is in a weak in the horoscope of a person, then the person is not able to get its proper benefits, in such a situation it is possible to get proper benefits and favourable effects by wearing Manikya Ruby Ratna. Manikya Ratna should be worn on the basis of planetary position and zodiac decision. It is appropriate that one should wear Manikya gems only after analysing the birth chart with an astrological expert Acharya V Shastri.

Substitute of Manik Ratna - Ruby Contact for marriage, career, love, health and other issues,

Genuine and flawless ruby is a very precious gem. Therefore, this gem is far from the reach of common people. In the absence of ruby, so many astrologer and gemmologists have given cognizance of some easily accessible and low value gemstone as an alternative. These gemstones and stones are not as effective as the original gemstones, but they do have some minor effect.

Astrologer and gemmologists have considered Suryamani, the chief epithet of Manikya Ratna. It is also known as Laladi. Lal, Laladi, Manikya Mani are all the same. Ten types of reddish are found in apartheid, but the difference of colors in them is so subtle that it is very difficult to identify or distinguish them. High-grade reddish is very valuable. Sometimes its value reaches crores. Gems and astrology experts are of the opinion that if we wear reddish with rubies in the state of weak sun, amazing results will be achieved.


Tamra or Tamramani is also the place of Manikya Ratna. It is a type of stone. Singali and suryasham are also complementary to rubies. Although they do not have an effect like red, however, these stones do show little effect.

How to wear Manikya Ratna – Ruby Stone.

A certain method of wearing each gemstone is described by astrologers. The result obtained after holding any gemstone is more than just wearing it in a ring. famous astrologer in Gurgaon, top astrologers in delhi, best career astrologer in delhi,

Manikya is a very precious gem. To wear the gem or ruby ​​of the Sun, the first question that arises is how much weight or rati would be appropriate to wear the gemstone? | For this, first determine your weight. Get one-tenth of your weight equal to the weight of a ratty and original rubies in a gold or copper ring. After the sun rises on the first Sunday of any Shukla Paksha, wear it in the ring finger of your right hand. To purify and consecrate the ring containing rubies before wearing, first put the ring in panchamrit i.e. milk, gangajal, honey, ghee and sugar solution for about thirty minutes, then light five incense sticks and pray in the name of Sun God That, O Sun God, I am wearing your representative gem to get your blessings. Bless me After removing the ring from panchamrit, chanting the mantra "  घ्रणिः  सूर्याय  नम: "  Chant the mantra 108 times and rotate the ring 108 times over the agarbati and touch the ring with the feet of Vishnu or Suryadev and hold it in the ring finger. best astrologer in dwarka delhi, astrologer in delhi ncr, top astrologer in Gurgaon,

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