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How to wear blue Sapphire - Neelam Gemstone, Description, Properties, Type, Purity, Identification and method.

How to wear blue Sapphire - Neelam Gemstone, Description, Properties, Type, Purity, Identification and method.

Saturn Planet (Shani Griha) is considered to be the most cruel, strict and effective malefic among all the Navagrahas. Shani Griha is considered to be the most cruel, strict and effective Influential among all the planets (Navagrahas).

It is seen that the presence of Saturn in some specific houses or sign of the horoscope or Kundli is also beneficial, but such a coincidence rarely appears. Mostly, people remain afflicted by the effects of Saturn. Mostly it is seen and heard that people commonly refer to a person with a wicked, unfortunate, insolent, malefic and terrible personality as shaniture or shanichar.

This means that “Shani or Shanichar” is a symbol of hazard, loss and misfortune. But it is also an absolute truth that the way death coincides with life is unavoidable. In the same way, every creature of the world, whether it is a deity in the universe, must have appeared in some way or the other in its lifetime from Saturn. For two and a half - called as Dahiya and seven and a half years – called as Sareysati, Saturn's position continues to afflict people. If Saturn is in a position to give favourable result in the horoscope of the native, then everything will be normal. Otherwise, when this malefic planet placed is in a debilitated position, then it gives such a horrific demand for its cruel effect that the life of the affected person becomes hell. Best Astrologer in Delhi, Kundali Expert offers you Genuine Astrology Services. Looking for Astrologer near me?

The gem stone of the Saturn planet is Neelam or Blue sapphire. When week Saturn is causing trouble to a person, then by wearing Sapphire gem at that time, that person can make his situation favourable.

Sapphire, according to its name, is a natural mines gem giving blue aura or rays. It is transparent. The sapphire gem found in the Kashmir province of India has been dubbed as the best sapphire. In fact, Sapphire is also available in many other countries of the world such as Burma, Sri Lanka, Russia and America, but the Sapphire Gemstone of Kashmir and Sri Lanka (Silone) is world famous.

Neelam Ratna is famous in English language as Sapphire. This gemstone is pronounced as Yakut in Persian, Neel Ratna in Marathi, Indranil in Bengali and Nilopal in Sanskrit. Consult Acharya V Shastri is World Famous Astrologer for solution of Career, Business, Marriage and all problems

Like Sun’s Stone ruby (Suryaratna Manikya), Neelam Ratna is also a superior gem of the Kurundam cast or class. Generally, it has an aura of blue color, but a yellow, green, purple and white colour sapphire gem is also seen. As far as the matter of strengthening and adapting Saturn through Blue Sapphire is concerned, then only Blue Neelam gemstone with blue aura is acceptable.

The Excellent Quality of Sapphire identity is based on the criterion that transmits the same aura in all area, Smooth, transparent and gross, yet it appears soft to the touch. The Sapphire Gemstone, which has a natural, clear, shapely angle, with blue light emanating from within, is considered to be of high quality and auspicious.

The purity and quality of the sapphire gem is tested in the sun, moonlight night, by placing it in a glass of water. The real Sapphire continues to give an impression of its blue light in every place and situation.

But while Blue sapphire (Neelam) is the most capable gem in the prevention of Shani Saturn dosha, on being contaminated or fragmented, it also provides the most fatal results when it minor breaks or scratch as khandit. Therefore, while buying Sapphire Gemstone, it must be kept in mind that it is flawless. Gems are auspicious only when they are genuine and cleared. Despite being genuine, if it is bad, then such a gem is not of any use or value.

Sapphire gemstone is said to be defective when white stripes or lines are seen anywhere in it. The person wearing such sapphire gem gets hurt by weapons and dies. Similarly, if white spots are located on the Sapphire gem, then it gives information of loss in near future.

The double colour sapphire gem causes separation and disintegration in the marital life and if this sapphire gem is cracked and has a strong and lattice sign, then it acts to increase sorrow and sorrow. Sapphire gemstone with pitched, rough, lustreless and small dots and with sprinkles is also very harmful. Reddish Blue sapphire gem (Khuni Neelam) is considered to be even more harmful. Neelam Ratna Blue sapphire gives its bad effects on body, mind, wealth family and reputation with such defective symptoms are considered to be harmful and harmful for all.

 In Kaluga, the spread of deceit fraud is expanding day by day, so there is a need to take utmost care in buying and buying gems etc. Without testing the gems with an experienced skilled examiner, buying any gems would not be a sensible task. In this case you can take guidance from 3rd generation celebrity best astrologer in Dwarka, Delhi NCR as Acharya V Shastri.

According to Vedic astrology rules, if a person in whose horoscope Saturn is weakly situated, then that person can wear Sapphire gem to increase the effect of Saturn and make it favourable to the individual. But since the planet Saturn is considered to be a very cruel and fiery planet, its position, planetary friendship, retro gate and all other condition should be tested by an experienced skilled best astrologer like Best famous Astrologer in Dwarka namely Acharya V Shastri in the horoscope before wearing the Sapphire Gemstone. Of all the Navagrahas, Saturn is the only planet notorious for its extreme cruelty.

It destroys the nest on which the cruel aspects. Saturn house was the major factor in making Raja Harish Chandra a slave of the Dome of the desert from the Chakravarti emperor. Lord Rama, Krishna, Indra etc. also did not survive its anger. The sight of Saturn has been a major reason in Ravana's apocalypse. This Saturn was the one to push King Nal into the pit of disasters. Therefore, to avoid the cruelty and vice versa of Shani Griha Saturn, it is necessary that a thorough examination of the position of Shani Griha should be done by a skilled astrologer in Delhi Acharya V Shastri, based on the horoscope before wearing the Sapphire Gemstone.

It is believed that if the sapphire gem is worn with the right setting, it protects the holder. All the deflections and disturbances caused by the influence of Saturn become quiet and dormant. Neelam Ratna Blue sapphire helps in economic financial balance, protection and growth of health and dignity.

According to astrological beliefs and Ayurveda, Neelam is considered to be an extremely useful gem. Neelam is considered to be an extremely useful gem in terms of healing and through this various diseases have been prevented. In the condition of breathing disease, spasm, fever, tuberculosis, paralysis, nervous pain, etc., wearing the sapphire gem gives relief.


To remove eye diseases, by rubbing sapphire powder in kevada water together and then pouring the prepared solution in the eyes, various types of disturbances are calmed. Neelam's ashes in dementia and mania show miraculous effects. Blood disorders, cough, odd fever etc. are easily overcome.

It is believed that the holder of the sapphire gem has no hesitation in doing any cruel or harsh work. And it is also said that the holder of the Sapphire Gem goes anywhere in the world, and is not defeated anywhere. With the influence of Neelam, his personality becomes so beautiful and effective that he is not ashamed, scared and frustrated in front of any other person. According to mythological texts and references, it is known that Saturn only exerts control over lord Hanuman ji, otherwise he is invincible.

Method of Wearing Blue Sapphire or Neelam Ratna

The best time to wear sapphire is said to be Swati Visakha, Chitra, Dhanishtha or Shravan Nakshatra on a Saturday. You should always wear Neelam gemstone in gold or Panchadhatu ring. It is also very important to make a praan pratishthit for it to get beneficial results from the gem. To wear a sapphire or blue sapphire gem, the first question that arises is how much weight or ratty would be appropriate to wear a sapphire gem? | For this, first determine your weight. Get one tenth of your weight equal to the weight of Ratti in pure and original Sapphire gold or five metal (Panchadhatu) rings. On the first Saturn War of any Shukla Paksha, do the life of the ring after sun rise. For this, first put the ring in panchamrit i.e. Ganga water, milk, ghee, saffron and honey solution for 15 to 20 minutes, then after bath, burn 5 incense sticks in the name of Shani Dev in any temple, now dissolve the ring Remove it from the Ganges and wash it with water, after washing the ring 11 times and chanting the mantra "  शं  शानिश्चार्ये  नम: " chanting it only 11 times over the incense sticks, then place the ring at the feet of Shiva and pray "O Lord Shani, to receive your blessings, I am wearing your representative gem, please give me your blessings", then touch the ring at the feet of Shiva and put it in the middle finger.

Substitute of Blue Sapphire - Neelam

Appropriate benefits can also be obtained by wearing the Substitute (Upratan) in the absence of Blue Sapphire Neelam gemstone. Conditionally that the above is true and innocent. Never wear contaminated gems because it is always going to give adverse results.

The stone named 'Neely' main substitute of the sapphire Blue sapphire or Neelam. It is also known as Nelia or Lilia. This name is probably due to it being blue in color. best career astrologer in delhi,

Lajvart and Turquoise are also included in the Blue Sapphire Neelam stone’s Substitute. The stone called Katela is also a substitute gem of Sapphire. Some people call Jamunia a catty but some believe that Jamunia is a different gem in itself. Whatever may be the opinion, but it is true and tested that in the absence of Neelam Ratna, Neelam Ratna can be partially replenished by wearing Neelia, Lajvart, Katella, Jamunia or Turquoise. best astrologer in dwarka delhi, astrologer in delhi ncr, top astrologer in Gurgaon, famous astrologer in Gurgaon, top astrologers in delhi,

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Turquoise is very important in all these above. Many people have experienced that if someone is wearing turquoise and there is a big crisis accidentally, then the turquoise will crack or break. In this way, he himself protects his holder by facing that disaster. Turquoise eyes are also attractive to look at. Those who cannot wear sapphires, they can wear turquoise. Sapphire where in the opposite planetary position makes the holder annoying. At the same time, turquoise remains peaceful. Gain in favourable condition and silence in adverse situation. This is the greatest quality of turquoise. He will gain or benefit, otherwise he will not harm either.

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