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I had consulted Acharya V Shastri for my personal problem. I had no peace of mind i was not having interest in job also when I consulted Acharya ji  gave me exact and experience prediction and guided me to come out of my problem and now I am living stress less life and I got promotion in my job.

Hardik S.

Omg. I just had an over the phone reading regarding a situation that I'm in. Yes I was sceptical at first. Even called him and told him I would call him back. Made other calls but something led me back to him. Let me say he was spot on. I was feeling discouraged and down before talking to him. But I will remain positive and see what the future holds you’re the best astrologer in Delhi. He was patient and very kind. Thank you sooooo much!!

Aparna Tyagi - Appu

Its my great pleasure to recommend Acharya V Shastri Ji. I first came to know him through a random search on the internet. Very good knowledge about astrology & has a deep and detailed knowledge of his subject. He is consistent, reliable and accurate. I am very satisfied to know certain things about myself very clearly helping me to take my future steps accordingly. I would like others to also consult him to get a clear picture and get rid of false hopes.


Wow. What can I say? He has a heart. He doesn't just care about your money like a lot of Astrologers do. He is very insightful and famous astrologer in Bangalore tells you how it is. I have learned a lot about where I am and what I need to do in my life. He is very realistic. Now, I have some work to do thank you.


I enjoyed the time spend on my future. He is very much perfect astrologer in Dwarka. He was accurate and also made me rethink my relationship. I will go see him again in September. I recommend her to everyone popular Astrologer in Bangalore. He doesn’t say what you want to hear but he says what you should hear. What you need to make things better. He’s realistic, doesn’t promise you gold. But he is accurate. Everything he said so far has come true. Thank you Acharya V Shastri Ji.