Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth management is not just essential for businesses but for every household as well. One may need assistance for the same. Here are some important astrological guidelines for every Moon sign.

Money Management Advice to all 12 Moon signs

1. Aries: The best thing you can do for your checkbox is get a Personal Finance Advisor. And don’t go overboard with credit cards. You should constantly budget your money and avoid impulse purchases

Money advice to Aries: You work hard and have a strong need for financial security. But you tend to spend money as fast as you create it.

2. Taurus: Taurus is always concerned about money, even when they have money they are concerned about how to hold on to it. You intend to make a lot of money, so that you can enjoy the luxuries of life. At the same time you will invest a lot of it to guarantee some sort of financial security.

Money advice to Taurus: You may over-emphasize on the importance of money and it could get in the way of your life. You should also invest in relationships and emotions while you fuel your need to earn well.

3. Gemini: Like all other aspects of your life, you will go back and forth with your money as well. Sometimes you will have more than enough, other times you will spend most of it away. You earn money for financial freedom. Money is simply a means to an end.

Money Advice to Gemini: You may be good at making money but you also need to put in efforts in managing it. Try and form a long-term plan for managing your money and commit to it. Money-management may seem like a very boring task. But if you stick to the plan, you will thank yourself later.

4. Cancer: You are a hoarder. You feel secure only when you know you have lots and lots of money in the bank. Spending money makes you uncomfortable and you will try and avoid as far as possible. You will loosen your wallet hesitatingly and usually only for family members.

Money Advice to Cancer: You don’t need advice to manage money. On the other hand, you need to lighten up a little and enjoy some of the money instead of stashing it away.

5. Leo: You live your life king-size! You think you deserve all the good things in life since you work so hard for it. You spend more money than you should.

Money Advice to Leo: You need to check your unnecessary expenses. Moderation is the key-word for you. You should work towards developing a consistent attitude towards money which will help you understand the best way to enjoy it.

6. Virgo: You are very particular about everything in life and more so about money. You understand the importance of having an Emergency Fund more than anyone else. The last thing you will do is ask for financial assistance. You will always look for a bargain.

Money Advice to Virgo: You manage your money decently. You may want to check yourself when you’re being extra stingy and enjoy your hard-earned money.

7. Libra: You could swing from one extremity to another. You tend to over-spend in social situations. But you can also be frugal when you want to. You get attracted to luxurious things since you desire the best always.

Money Advice to Libra: Try and avoid going regularly to lavish restaurants for dinner. You find it difficult to take decisions in general. It gets worse when they pertain to money. Associating with a financially responsible person will help you in your fiscal troubles. Once you get started, you may be able to save in a systematic and logical way.

8. Scorpio: You are more likely than anyone else to have a secret stash of money somewhere. You are calculating by nature and enjoy the power and control that money gives you. You are good at earning money and saving it. You will spend excessively only occasionally. You don’t like wasting money.

Money Advice to Scorpio: You don’t really get in financial trouble. Even if you do, you easily get out of it.

9. Sagittarius: You think you are lucky and tend to be adventurous. You don’t worry about money at all. You know you will have enough money for your needs.

Money Advice to Sagittarius: Don’t test your luck too much or you could end up in debt. You should persist with your money-management plans and not give-up mid-way.

10. Capricorn: You are focused on achieving financial security. You don’t like spending money and wasting it. You will save regularly for a rainy-day. Your mantra is ‘Slow and steady’ and you work at slowly piling up your money.

Money Advice to Capricorn: You know how to manage money quite well. You should ensure you don’t go overboard or you may appear ‘cheap’.

11. Aquarius: You focus on worthwhile causes and don’t worry about money. But you still end up attracting money through ingenious methods. You spend a lot of money trying to get things of highest quality. You don’t put too much emphasis on savings. Although money doesn’t motivate you to work, you do enjoy measuring your success through a healthy bank balance.

Money Advice to Aquarius: You should put aside money regularly towards emergencies. You should restrict use of Credit Cards. You need to examine the areas you spend on the most and try and cut those out.

12. Pisces: You have two sides to you: one which could not be concerned about petty things like money and the other that is preoccupied with making lots of money. Once you decide to earn money, you can do it using your energy and creative powers. You will ensure that you provide for your family’s needs.

Money Advice to Pisces: You need to cut down on your impulsive spending. You should not be tempted by ‘get-rich’ schemes. You will benefit greatly if you discuss your financial matters with someone knowledgeable.