Customer Reviews

I had a great experience with Acharya Ji. He clearly understood my problems and explained the reasons very calmly. The solution he provided showed very positive results in just 1 month. Best consultation so far. Highly recommend him.

vivek agrawal

I'd like to thank you for providing me with hope when I couldn't see any. In both personal and professional endeavors, you gave me insight that I could never know, despite my best efforts to do so he is best astrologer in Dwarka, and best astrologer in Delhi NCR also Across the ocean, having never met face to face, I consider you a great friend. I deeply appreciate the care and concern you offered me during very troubling times- responding to every email and question I had regarding the reports.

Neha sharma

The best astrologer in Dwarka and they had the best personality. They make you feel comfortable like you are talking to your friend and he gives the best solutions and is an excellent astrologer in Delhi NCR. I visited them today and their predictions are true about my situation and the issues I am going through. They don't mix words and give the advice straight. Not money minded. I highly recommend everyone in need to meet them at least once to experience positivity.

Komal kumari

First, we contacted Acharya V Shastri Astrologer in Dwarka regarding my career related problems. He has guided me very well, predicted the areas where I have the highest chance of getting success and recommended remedies to strengthen my chart. After getting successful following his advice, now I am a regular visitor to him. He has never been annoyed with my numerous questions and always gave me a positive outcome. Of course, he is the most demanded astrologer in Delhi NCR nowadays, so you have to be prepared for a waiting time. It’s understandable, if I am asking for the best, I have to be patient. Keep supporting us.

S Barinder

He is the best astrologer in Delhi NCR and he can definitely sense overall experience as a very genuine astrologer in Dwarka and helpful. Definitely would recommend!! Thank you so much for today!! Will be seeing again!Extremely constructive info based on the time and date of your birth. He is very patient and has great energy. He will take all necessary time to read and help you. Also his reading has no limits of questions.

Raman Singh

Top Astrologer in Delhi NCR. I highly recommend coming to see him! Real and so accurate!!! His whole vibe and energy! He is the real deal and best astrologer in Dwarka. He was spot on with things I didn't even tell him! Knowing what field I was in. What I’ve done before. He solves all my problems. He was treated like a best friend. I highly recommend coming to see him

C K Sharma

He gave me one of the most amazing readings I could have ever hoped for! he was super transparent and direct with my journey, not to mention spot on with everything he said! he gave me the clarity I needed with such accuracy it was amazing! He was also extremely gentle, the best astrologer in Dwarka kind, and welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. I’m so happy he took me down this journey. He's one of the most talented psychics I have ever had the honor to have done my readings. Forever grateful for him and his talent!

Barinder sardarji

I have known Acharya V Shastri Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR for over a year, since the day we met my life has found very much purpose. Not only is he wise and powerful with his spiritual/ astrological knowledge but he is also a good friend and reputed astrologer in Dwarka. He is always there when you need his advice or some good words of encouragement. He is like a brother to me, without whom my life would not be the same as it is today. Every day I am grateful for having met my dear friend

Harjeet singh

We liked his approach, he listens to you intently and is very empathetic. I never thought that you would change things for me in such a favourable way. I have to admit that you have been helpful in getting my life in control. Knowing you was a blessing, One Astrologer in Delhi NCR i can trust for life. Thank you so much for giving me happiness back. Not a greedy person at all unlike other astrologers in Dwarka have met.

Rajesh Pandey

Acharya V Shastri Top Astrologer in Delhi NCR is such a beauty! He has a very welcoming and understanding energy. My first reading was very enlightening. Talking to him felt like I was talking to my long-lost best friend! That's how comfortable I felt. He was also very intuitive and accurate. Love his reading

Rajesh Singh