Customer Reviews

After searching for a long time for a good Astrologer in Dwarka, I fortunately came across Acharya V Shastri in Dwarka. I went on the same day to his for a detailed consultation and the experience was beyond my expectations. His analysis from my palm reading and astrology charts were accurate about my career, past struggles, health, and marriage and family. He made me very comfortable as it was my first astrology consultation. His consultation has given me a lot of clarity and confidence. He is one of the most highly rated astrologers in Gurgaon, due to his credibility and professional dedication. All those looking for genuine honest consultation should visit him. I am myself looking forward to further consultations from him. Thank you

Ashok Gupta

From my point of view astrology totally depends on the prediction. And frankly speaking, I used to not believe in astrology. But when I visit Acharya V Shastri’s Astrology centre my concept has totally changed. They told me about something of my past, which was perfect. So, I can say that they are good people always supports clients and one of the best astrologer in Dwarka, Delhi NCR..

Priya Jogelkar

Meet him once and see the difference. He is one in a million, meeting him is a life changing path to me. I have met so many pandits and astrologers till now and spend lot of money to clear my relationship problems and job. Every one failed to keep up their promise he is best Astrologers in Delhi NCR. When one of my friend recommended me to meet him , I went to give a try as my last chance , when I talk to him I felt more comfortable and confident later I have decided I am at the right place . I recommend this best astrologer in Dwarka,

Anurag s katpalia

Omg. I just had an over the phone reading regarding a situation that I'm in. Yes I was sceptical at first. Even called him and told him I would call him back. Made other calls but something led me back to him. Let me say he was spot on. I was feeling discouraged and down before talking to him. But I will remain positive and see what the future holds you’re the best astrologer in Delhi. He was patient and very kind. Thank you sooooo much!!

Aparna Tyagi - Appu

I did an Astrology reading with famous Achary Shastri, Astrologer in Dwarka. I did not expect him to be as spot on as he was. He will tell you things that you need to hear. I do recommend this place if you’re in need of guidance direction relief of stress and a peace of mind.

Arun Kishori lal

I like that fact that Acharya V Shastri in Delhi NCR is extremely passionate about spreading awareness about Astrology and the Science behind that to the wider populace and I believe it’s a divine blessing for me to connect with him. I’d strongly recommend his wise counsel and deeply respect his noble service.

Saryu Narayan Dixit

Visited Acharya V Shastri and was very fortunate to have found Acharya Ji. I do not usually write reviews but signed up to write one because the reading was great. He helped guide me through some difficult situations that I am going through with my love life. Everything he told me has been spot on correct. When I come back to Acharya V Shastri in the Spring I am gone go see him again. I would prefer him he is very much confident Astrologer in Delhi NCR.

Lokesh Luthra

I had a dream to start my own business. I was very concerned about it as I was the first in family to start one. This hesitation cost me great in terms of time. I was wasting precious time and still not getting into any point. Then I met Acharya V Shastri very famous Astrologer in Delhi, they analyse my birth chart and gave me a list of businesses that I can start. And he explain very thoroughly why those suits me.

Parwati Sahi

I have never had such profitable, comprehensive advice that includes the current situation in life. I also really liked the positive attitude. Thank you for opening my perspectives, showing strengths and talents and my challenges, he is a genuine Astrologer in Dwarka. People should visit him.

Tara Chand Sharma

He is a famous astrologer in Dwarka, his predictions are pretty accurate, and he offered such simple and effective remedies to overcome some obstacles. It has only been a few weeks of doing those remedies, and I'm starting to see a change. He takes time to answer any questions during the consultation, and at no point, we felt hurried up. Thanks Acharya V Shastri Ji.

Himanshu Raheja