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The candidates who wish to learn online astrology, vastu, tarot reading, numerology and palmistry certified and diploma course may opt for Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan... Certified courses. These courses are so designed that they are useful for everyone and available in Hindi and English language.

Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan Avam Parshikshan Sansthan is a platform designed to bring the various types of astrological sciences under banner. It is a well-known Brand name in the field of all the astrological sciences. Under this roof all Astrologers, Vastu Consultants, Numerologists & Palmists and masters of all other Astrological Sciences, can register themselves, teach the aspirants, and even learn further through this institution.

The objective of the Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan Avam Parshikshan Sansthan is to providing deep insights and knowledge on every aspects of Indian Vedic astrology in simple and easy to understand Hindi and English language through our Vedic Astrology Online and Distance learning course. Thus, we offer a comprehensive and organised course material to study astrology for beginners to advance learners.

Online Astrology Courses

Astrology is said to be the eye of ancient Vedic shastras. Astrology is the Vedic ancient science of studying constilations, planets and their movements, relationships, and their impact on human beings. As a human being takes birth on a particular date, time and place, everyone gets the effects of planetary position in the sky at that time. This affects one’s attitude, body attributes, lifestyle, face outlook, success in career, accumulating wealth, etc. Choose the course out of the 6 variations that are available in Vedic Astrology from Beginner to Advance to Expert Level.

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Online Vastu Courses

Vedic Vastu Shastra is also an ancient Vedic science from India that main aim and focus on any type of construction and Correction of buildings, structures, and interiors. By a particular resources and tried-tested techniques, Vastu experts attempt to create a cheerful, healthy, wealthy, progressive and advantageous living atmosphere everywhere. Whether its house, residential spaces, offices, industrial area and even commercial establishments too, Vastu experts can sparkle everywhere. This course is meant for students desirous of studying vastu and want to become vastu consultant. It is also beneficial for architects, builders and for those who intend to construct a house.

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Online Tarot Card Reading Courses

Tarot Card Reading is a very useful way of forecast by using Tarot Cards. Principally, a tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each card have a specific meaning associated with it. By the help of different types of Tarot Reading, you can predict the upcoming events of a human being and take the benefits of future opportunities. If you wish to learn the art of knowing your future in tarot cards, you can take Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan Avam Parshikshan Sansthan’s Best Tarot Card Reading Certified Courses and Classes online in India. Choose the course out of the 2 variations that are available in Tarot Card Reading for Beginner to Advance Level.

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Online Numerology Course

Numerology is the study of the numeric numbers and significance. It is used to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and to identify how you deal with relationships. It can show your strengths and weaknesses, obstacles you need to overcome, your talents, inner needs and emotional reactions. This thought-provoking course will take you step-by-step through this study, so that by the end of the course you will understand how certain numbers will relate to you, what they mean, and how this information can be used in your life. This includes the meaning of your birthday number, how to calculate your destiny, personality, soul and personal growth numbers and how you can help others to do the same.

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Online Palmistry Course

Palmistry is the Indian Vedic Science, comes from ancient Vedas to analysing the physical structure of the palm to interpret personality characteristics and predict future happenings with help of various lines, types of hands, types of mounts, types of chakra, types various sign, shape of palm, etc. Palm readers observe how the hand's lines and other things to connect for broad themes. We encourage you to develop your own interpretations skills of different creases and shapes, familiarizing yourself with historical conventions with the help of some case studies providing by us. For those interested in learning Palm Reading through distance learning course, Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan… Choose the course out of the 2 variations that are available in Palmistry from Beginner to Advance to Expert Level.

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