As per Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan Avam Parshikshan Sansthan and ancient Vedic astrology, each planet and star in our zodiac system represent to a particular energy. Each and every planet generate its own energy ray and spread out its own cosmic colors. These colourful rays, along with the attributes of radiated energy, deep impact to the life of every individual. It has been proven by detailed studies on this subject that the cosmic color bands radiated by every planets are as per the color spectrums of the related gems.

The gems-tones are used from ancient age to release the issues initiated by the planets. There was a time when only the royalty had an option to wear gemstones recommended by astrologers but now anyone can wear it and for own benefit. By wearing gemstones individual can get desired results. Any individual can wear a gemstone for achieving favourable results in every area of life such as love, business, success, illness, education, overseas settlement, relief from litigations etc. However, it is important to wear only natural gemstones that can provide the required benefits.

As per Vedic astrology, the nine planets represent the 9 special gemstones:

It is necessary to consult an expert astrologer before wearing any particular gemstone. This is so because a gemstone may lead to either good or bad or side effects. So, it is better to consult an astrologer who will suggest you to wear a particular gemstone that would only provide favourable results to you.

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