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Astrological reasons and solutions to the problem of debt or loan - कर्ज की समस्या के ये हैं ज्योतिषीय कारण और समाधान

Astrological reasons and solutions to the problem of debt or loan - कर्ज की समस्या के ये हैं ज्योतिषीय कारण और समाधान

No Body wants to take a loan from anyone. But there are some situations in life that taking loans becomes compulsion. Astrology describes the reasons for mounting debt and the surest ways to get rid of it. Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR,

How to get rid of debts easily? Best Astrological Solutions or Remedy to solve Financial Problems, AcharyaVshastri.com provide Accurate Remedies of debt relief and Loan Repayment. Overcome all your fiscal debts with Finance Horoscope from WebAstrologers. Learn the steps suggested by Astrology to leave financial burdens behind. Are you always in some kind of debt? Do you find difficulty in repaying your loan despite your best efforts? Is your debt causing problems in your routine life? There are several reasons that can be attributed to the problems in paying back debts. The main ones can be revealed by a reading of your birth chart or Janam Kundali.


Main reason for increasing debt in astrology - In astrology, the positions of planets are responsible for taking loans. If the position of the planets in the horoscope is not favourable, then due to financial constraints, it is possible to take a loan. Due to weak sixth sense in birth chart, one is forced to take loan. Apart from this, due to Mahadasha, inundation etc. of the inauspicious planet, the conditions of taking loans also become strong.

Boil one and a half moong on Wednesday, mix jaggery and ghee in it. After this, feed a cow. Do this process every Wednesday. With this remedy one can get rid of debt soon. Astrologer Acharya V Shastri is Top Famous Astrologer in Delhi NCR,

Do not plant thorny plants in the garden - Never forget to plant thorny plants in the home garden. On the formation of Vastu defects from these plants, negative energy is transmitted, which also affects the peace and happiness of the house.

Debt due to Vastu defects: There are also conditions for taking loans due to Vastu defects in the home or workplace. Neglect of Vastu rules in the house has adverse effect on the financial situation and due to lack of money, it becomes compulsory to take loans.

WHAT IS COMMERCIAL VASTU?                                                                                                                                                                                                      WHAT IS RESIDENTIAL VASTU?

To get rid of debt, go to Hanuman temple and offer oil and vermilion on Tuesday and Saturday, and offer laddus, then recite Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrangbaan,

Never lend anyone on Wednesdays and Sundays. It is considered good to keep coconut in Hanuman temple by reciting Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

Take black mustard in both the fists. Place the mouth towards the east direction at the crossroads and throw the right hand rye to the left and the left hand rye in the right direction. This remedy by devotion must get rid of debt. This remedy should be done on Tuesday, and can also be done on Saturn’s Shani Amavasya. contact for consultant with Genuine Astrologer with expert of future predictions for his clientele. Contact for marriage, career,

Placing plants in the wrong direction in the house, applying pictures that produce vaastu dosha creates negative energy and weakens the state of money and creates the possibility of taking loans. Similarly, due to becoming a Vastu dosha at the shop and work place, there is a shortage of money and one has to take a loan to do the necessary tasks. love, health and other issues.

Sure-fire measures to get rid of debt -  By adopting the surest and simple measures mentioned in Astrology and Vastu Shastra, you can get rid of debt forever.

In astrology, Mars is considered responsible for debt. If the position of Mars is weak in the horoscope of a person, then there is a financial crisis and the conditions for taking loans are created, so to get rid of debt, it is necessary to strengthen Mars.

For the strengthening of Mars, Tuesday's fast and worshiping the deity of Mars, Hanuman ji gives best results.

In order to get rid of debt, it is necessary to please Goddess Lakshmi Ji and Lord Vishnu by worshiping and taking measures.

On Friday, Lakshmi ji and Thursday, duly worshiped Lord Vishnu provides relief in money related problems and gradually gets rid of debt.

Due to the strength of the planets in the horoscope, the ascendant and the destiny of the planets also strengthen the economic situation and do not have to take loans. best astrologer in dwarka delhi, astrologer in delhi ncr, top astrologer in Gurgaon, famous astrologer in Gurgaon,

By taking the measures of Vastushastra, the burden of debt can be relieved. According to Vastu in the house, the financial situation can be strengthened by planting money plant, basil and banana plant. top astrologers in delhi, best career astrologer in delhi,

In this way, by taking simple and infallible remedies of astrology and Vastu Shastra, you can gradually get rid of the increasing debt forever.

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