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Rahukal is forbidden during auspicious work

Rahukal is forbidden during auspicious work

What is Rahukal period and why it is forbidden during this auspicious work?

Rahu Kal has a special effect on human life. It is believed that during this time, instead of starting any new and auspicious task, it is the right decision to postpone. Know, what Rahukalam is and when and how it affects in daily life.

In astrology, Rahu is considered as the shadow planet and Rahu gives its negative effect mostly in life. Rahu results suddenly, which does not give man time to think or understand. A special time is set daily for Rahu period and it is between one to one and a half hours.

This is why we create distance from Rahukaal - Since Rahu gives mostly negative effects, starting any auspicious or new work during this time period is considered taboo and doing so, there is a complete possibility of disrupting the tasks and success of the work. But doubt remains and more work has to be done, therefore, forgetting even Rahu should not keep any new auspicious work and keep distance.

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New and Manglik work forbidden - Rahu planet effectively has effect in Rahu period, therefore new and auspicious work should not be done in this period. However, if any work was started before this period, then that work continued in Rahu period. Can be placed.

Rahukaal varies according to the place and date. RahuKal starts at different times on every war. According to astrology, the duration of Rahukaal is equal to the 8th part of the day. best astrologer in Dwarka delhi, astrologer in delhi ncr, top astrologer in Gurgaon,

Rahukaal Time - According to astrology, Rahukaal is as follows throughout the week. (Want to know rahu kaal today in delhi)

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Do not do this in Rahu era - new business should not be launched in Rahu period. During this time do not buy new goods and do not sell old goods. During this special puja and having is also not considered to be the best. A new journey should not be started in this period. During Rahukaal, one should not even engage in engagement, chanting or religious work or entering a new house.

Remedy - If it is compulsion to go out somewhere during Rahukaal, then you should leave by eating curd, sweet or betel leaf before leaving.

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