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Kritika - Star of Razor

Kritika - Star of Razor

Kritika - Star of Razor

The Kritika nakshatra signifies fire and is considered the ultimate source of power and energy. This nakshatra is ruled by the god Agni Dev, who is believed to eradicate all kinds of evils from the universe and inner spirits. According to Vedic astrology, Surya is the ruling planet of the Kritika nakshatra. The sex of Kritika Nakshatra Star is female.

Let us learn about personality, characteristics, health, family life, profession and other insightful details about people who are born in the constellation Kritika.

Qualities of Born in Kritika Nakshatra

  • You are optimistic in nature and also a good advisor.
  • You live a decent and beautiful life.
  • The word 'Kritika' has a relation with the English word 'criticism'. Thus, it is your specific quality to seriously investigate errors in individuals and you also try to fix them.
  • You specialize in finding hidden sides and cons and checking results.
  • You believe in working on your own without taking any kind of help from anyone.
  • You look very harsh from outside but from inside, you are affectionate and loving. In addition, you are very interested in spirituality and religious life as well as social service.
  • Once you start, you work strongly and walk the path of spirituality. You are able to provide solutions and recommendations to other people's problems.
  • When it is about your life you have your own principles and rules that you follow. You believe in doing something on a regular basis.
  • Whether it is in the field of business, work or education, you always lead others. Staying away from your home or place of birth will benefit you.
  • You have the ability to make money from various sources and work with extreme enthusiasm and determination.
  • You will have a successful social life.
  • You have the ability to teach others effectively.

Kritika nakshatra powers

You are very famous in your group because of your presence and inspiring attitude. You are a recipient of strong intentions and with your enthusiasm and passion, you will acquire many assets. You are a distinguished personality, a good leader, a sincere, ambitious, courageous, peaceful, confident, and a person with a strong appetite.

Weaknesses: Who born in Kritika Nakshatra

Some of the major weaknesses of the people of Kritika Nakshatra include immaturity, stubbornness, unstable mind, aggressive and impatient behaviour, quarrelsome behaviour, nervousness and high expectations.

Male Born in Kritika Nakshatra

If you are a male person who was born in Kritika Nakshatra then you cannot touch the same purpose or move forward for the rest of your life as similar jobs can easily bore you. So, you change jobs without too much thought and thought. You are good at giving advice. You can break any relationship for your freedom because independence is very important for you. Self-pride is considered your important attribute. You have a keen interest in social work but you are unable to take the right decision.

Females born in Kritika Nakshatra

If you are a single woman who was born in the Kritika nakshatra, you will never be able to withstand the pressure and if you are pressed or someone dominates you then you have to face depression like this. Your attitude is arrogant. Chances of separation from marriage or having a rigid husband are very high, which is why you will not be able to like your marital life and marital bliss. You are unable to maintain cordial cooperation with your relatives and neighbours.

Career education / career orientation / occupation

Individuals belonging to the Kritika nakshatra do not usually live at their birthplace or home. This indicates that their livelihood is likely to be in a foreign land. It can be just a place other than home or can be a different state, city or country. The partnership business is not suitable for people related to Kritika Nakshatra. You are likely to benefit from the government sector. You can become a draftsman, engineer or doctor and also work in the Treasury Department. If you are interested in business then you can earn money in decorative industries, medicines and yarn exports. You are very slow in your work but will achieve success in your life.

Best-suited occupation: consultant, dance, modelling, military career, explorer, head of an organization, hairdresser, weapon maker, magician, astronomer, spiritual teacher, musician, singer, fashion designer, inventor, fire and police department personnel and construction contractor

Family Life of Born in Kritika Nakshatra

Male descent related to Kritika Nakshatra will enjoy a blissful marital life. You are likely to find a partner who will effectively manage all household tasks. She will be very virtuous and loyal to you.

If you are a woman of Kritika nakshatra, you may be unable to enjoy marital life as you are likely to be separated due to constant quarrels and unavoidable circumstances. You may be deprived of children and there may be problems in pregnancy. You will not be able to maintain a good relationship with your family and relatives as you will be unable to understand the intentions of others. You will always be in a world of illusion that will make you feel isolated. Your partner's health will be a concern for you. The best astrologer in Gurgaon, Acharya V Shastri invites you all to learn more about the importance and working of the Ashwini Nakshatra. Book your appointment and talk to Acharya V Shastri on Phone today.