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Bharani Nakshatra Mythology - Star of Restraints

Bharani Nakshatra Mythology - Star of Restraints

Bharani Nakshatra Mythology - Star of Restraints

Bharani Nakshatra represents the harmony of extinguished stars and appears to be an axis of creative energy. This nakshatra indicates the feminine aspect of nature and has the ability to destroy, promote, tolerate and achieve it. It symbolizes the entrance to another world. Bharani Nakshatra is also considered a symbol of sacrifice, jealousy, tolerance and purification.

Bharani Nakshatra is represented by the vagina of a woman's sexual organ. It is considered a star of moderation. It represents the womb and shows that it can hide things. It contains thoughts of suffering and struggle. According to Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is the ruling planet of the Bharani constellation. Yama is the Hindu deity for this constellation. The gender of Bharani Nakshatra Star is female.

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Being born in Bharani Nakshatra out of all the 27 Nakshatras makes you a big hearted person. Even if someone says some harsh words to you, you never feel bad.

You are blessed with attractive and big eyes that say a lot about you and your personality. They are the most prominent feature of your personality.

You have a strong attitude with a charming smile.

You are always calm and happy, no matter what circumstances you are facing.

You enjoy taking risks and always live life to the fullest. Your ability to choose the right direction helps you make the right and good decision.

You take great care of your self-esteem and are always honest.

 You like to live the royal lifestyle and dress well dressed.

 Bharani Nakshatra is extremely positive for women as it enhances feminine qualities which reflect the influence of Venus (lover of art and ruler of beauty).

You show great respect to your elders and also have an optimistic nature.

You are always looking for new opportunities and challenges.

Your nature is to dominate a little.

You will get a lot of love from your partner and your family life will be enjoyable.

Bharani nakshatra powers

You are a smart person and always want to do the work in an efficient manner. You are friendly and kind to family, comfortable, loyal, and aspiring for a fresh experience, courageous, artistic, creative and able to do well in public life.

Bharani nakshatra weaknesses

Some of the major weaknesses of the people of Bharani Nakshatra include materialistic, stubborn, controlling, fickle, unwell, restless, weak, childlike behaviour, judgmental and impatient.

Male of Bharani Nakshatra

If you are a male person who was born in Bharani Nakshatra then you appear as a kind person who is appreciated and liked by all the people around.

You say everything without fear and express your opinion clearly. You always follow your conscience and like to follow your inner voice and heart. You always decide on your own even in small matters. You can become famous in the public and shine a lot but you can lose your money and also face criticism.

Female of Bharani Nakshatra

If you are a woman who was born in Bharani Nakshatra then you are a very admirable, humble and honest person.

You have great respect for your elders as well as your parents. You are very enthusiastic to earn your own livelihood. You will be a good seller. You are the opportunity maker who always looks for opportunities to fulfil his desires and ambitions. You always like to impose order and rule over others which can cause some problems in your relationships. In nature you seem a bit aggressive.

For the people of Bharani Nakshatra, there is no specific good or bad time in relation to career or professional life. However, things will gain momentum in your life after the age of 33 as you will see some positive changes around this time. You appear to be an all-rounder and can easily fit into any type of work, but you will excel in the field of advertising, art, music, sports, business, administration or even automobile.

The most suitable profession: publisher, fertility specialist, gynaecologist, estate planner, consultant, catering, hotel industry, judge, lawyer, photography, business, etc.

Bharani Nakshatra Family Life

You deeply love and respect your family but you’re adamant

There is also a possibility of troubles due to attitude. You can get a lot of love and support from your mother and you will get support in all your efforts. However, you will not have many friends because you are a personal type of person. Marriage is more likely after the age of 27 years.

Bharani Nakshatra Health

As a native of Bharani Nakshatra, you will not suffer from any kind of health related problems. You may be troubled by malaria, ringworms, apoplexy, body pain, diabetes, and dental problems in later life. You eat to live and not to eat. The best astrologer in Delhi, Acharya V Shastri invites you all to learn more about the importance and working of the Bharani Nakshatra. Book your appointment and talk to Acharya V Shastri on call today.