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Mangal Dosha, Causes, Remedies

Mangal Dosha, Causes, Remedies

Mangal Dosha, Causes, Remedies and What to do when Mangal Dosh is in the horoscope?

The native who’s Mars is situated in the horoscope, lagna / moon horoscope etc., in the lagna to lagna (first), fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house is called Manglik.

Goliya Mars' Turban Mars and Chunadi Mars: The native whose horoscope is located anywhere in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house with Saturn, Sun, Rahu sin planet and male Goli Mars, female Jataka Chundi becomes Mars, that is, it is considered to be a double-faced Mangali or Manglik.

Manglik Horoscope Matching: If the horoscope of both the bride and the girl is sought, then marriage is auspicious and married life is blissful. There should not be a simple and a horoscope.

Mars-Dosha Prevention: Except Mangal Kundli in front of Mangal Kundali, if there are sin planets in other places, then the defect is dissolved. It is then considered to be free from Mangli Dosh and if the Moon is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house then Mangli Dosh goes away. Even if the auspicious planet is in the center, then the Sarvarishta creates fractures.

It is the decision of the scribes that decides mangalik as far as mangalik is concerned. Even then, Manglik and Amanglik magazine, both families should be fully satisfied, even if due to their family relationship, this relationship is not good, it should not be done.

There are many other such misgivings. Keep away defects like legal poisoning etc. If this is the case, then make the relationship of a girl with a good planetary yoga by doing 'Peepal' marriage, Kumbh marriage, Saligaram marriage and worshiping Mars.

How to defect Manglik effects?

If Mars is situated in the first or fourth or seventh or eighth or twelfth house of a person's horoscope, then such horoscope is considered auspicious. However, Mangalik yoga is not inauspicious in every situation. For some people, this yoga is also auspicious.

Those who have a horoscope should do special worship for Mangaldev every Tuesday. To please Mangaldev, one should donate his favourite items like red lentils and red cloth. best astrologer in Dwarka delhi, astrologer in delhi ncr, top astrologer in Gurgaon,

According to the scriptures, Mangal Dosh can be solved only in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. At no other place. Ujjain is the birthplace of Mangal Dev and it is believed that all the defects of Mars can be eliminated here. Bhat puja is performed for Mangaldev. Due to which the peace of Mars doshas is relaxed. famous astrologer in Gurgaon, top astrologers in delhi, best career astrologer in delhi, shastri, acharya, acharya v shastri, v acharya,

Mangalis / Manglik are affected by Mars

According to astrology, Mars has a special effect on Mangli people. If Mars is auspicious, then it makes the Mangali people rich. Mangli individuals have some special wishes regarding their love affair with their life partner, which only Mangli life partner can fulfill. That is why Mangali people are married to a Mangali.

Who is Manglik?

There are many types of defects reported in the horoscope. One of these defects is Mangal Dosh. The person who has this defect in his horoscope is called Manglik. When a person is situated in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th position or house of the horoscope, then that person is mangled.

Due to the influence of Mars, such people are angry. According to astrology, a Manglik person should be married to Manglik. If Mars is going to give inauspicious effects, then its side effects are lost in many areas. Those doing work related to the land need special blessings of Mars.

Without the grace of Mangal Dev, no person can achieve success in land related work. A person affected by Mars is sure of his tune and completes any task very well.

All the planets in our body have been described as different habitats. According to astrology, Mars lives in our blood.

Special things of Manglik people: The special quality of being Mangali is that a person with Manglik horoscope carries out his responsibility with full devotion. They do the toughest tasks ahead of time. Leadership ability is inherent in them.

These people do not get to see anyone quickly, but when they meet, they play a complete relationship. Being very ambitious, anger is found in their nature. But they are very kind, forgiving and humanitarian. They do not like to bend before wrong and do not make mistakes themselves.

These people obtain this special qualification in all fields of high rank, businessman, adviser, tantric, politician, doctor, engineer. They are particularly sensitive to the opposite sex, and have some special expectations from them. That is why Mangali horoscopes are married to Manglik only.

Mars is a cruel planet

Mars is considered a cruel planet. In astrology, Mars is considered to be very strict, discipline-loving, and extremely self-respecting. Generally hardness is painful. Due to the hardness of Mars, it is considered a cruel planet. Mangaldev is the land son and is the ultimate maternal devotee. For this reason, all those who honours the mother give special fruits to the sons. Mars provides very bad fruits to those who do evil deeds.

Effects of Mars

The horoscope affected by Mars is considered defective. The person in whose horoscope Mars gives inauspicious results, his life is spent in troubles. Due to the effect of inauspicious Mars the person has blood related diseases. Also, due to Mars, children get sorrow, married life is full of problems, no courage, and tension always remains.

If Mars is going to give a more inauspicious effect in a person's horoscope, then he passes life with great difficulty. Mars gives an excited nature, that person does all the work in excitement and most of the time he gets failure.

Importance of Mars in astrology: In astrology, Mars is the cause of lawsuit, quarrel, stomach disease, anger, land, building, house and mother. Mangal Dosh gives love, courage, tolerance, patience, and toughness, ability to solve situations and problems, and strength to face the dangers.

According to the scriptures, Mangal Dosh can be solved only in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. At no other place. Ujjain is the birthplace of Mangal Dev and it is believed that all the defects of Mars can be eliminated here. Bhat puja is performed for Mangaldev. There is peace of Mangal Doshas. This worship is done at Angareshwar Mahadev salt place, which is about 06 km from Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) railway station…

Know the importance and history of Angareshwar Mahadev (Ujjain):

In Puranas, the birth place of Mars has been considered in Ujjain. Therefore special worship in Angareshwar Mahadev is considered fruitful as possible for the peace of Mars. Religious belief is that this worship brings peace of Mars defect and resolves the problems faced by manglik defects in the marriage of eligible young men and women.

रक्तोम्बरो रक्त वपु: किरीटी,चतुर्भुज मेष गतो गदाभ्रत

धरासुत: शक्तिधरशच सूली सादा मम स्याद वरद: प्रशांत

श्री स्कांदे महापुराण एका शीतिसाहस्रया,पंचम आवंत्य खंडे अवंति क्षेत्र महात्म्ये

(अंगारक) महात्म्ये वर्णननाम स्पत्रिशोधयाय:

Sri Angareshwar Mahadev (Ujjain) is the only land son Mangal, 43 of the 84 Mahadevs of Avantika, the 43rd Mahadev Sri Angareshwar Mahadev, which is situated on the side of Shipra in front of Siddhvat (Vatvraksha), also known as Mangal Dev (Home). The person who visits this Mahalinga Shri Angareshwar every day will not be born again. Whoever worships this gender on Tuesday will be grateful in this age, there is no doubt in it. Those who worship and worship Angareshwar on Tuesday on Chaturthi will receive children, wealth, land, property, fame. Vastu Dosh and Bhumidosh are also prevented by their worship. Conquers in court. Worshiping bhaat on this linga would also prevent Mangal Dosh and Bhoomi Dosh.

According to mythological beliefs, the birth place of Mars, which has a special place in the Navagrahas, has been considered Ujjain i.e. the ancient city of Avantika. People come here from all places of the country to seek relief and grace. According to popular beliefs, by offering Bhat puja at the birthplace of Mars, a person gets peace from the troubles of Mars. Mars is embellished with the rank of commander in the Navagrahas. While the predominance of Mars in the horoscope causes manga dosha, the person embellishes Yash and Kirti by embellishing them on army, police or mighty posts.

According to Brahmavart Purana, Mars is a planet separated from Earth. That is why it is considered as land son. It is also called Vishnu Putra. According to the Skandha Purana, in Avantika, the demon Andhakasura obtained the boon by doing austerities to Lord Shiva that as many drops of blood would fall from his body as many demons would be born there. According to the boon, on the strength of penance, Andhakasura gained immense power and started producing uncontrolled products on the earth. Lord Shiva himself had to fight him to avoid his products and to protect Indradi gods. When Shiva became tired while fighting, his forehead fell from the sweat. This led to a huge explosion and a boy ember. This child consumed the monster's blood and the end of Andhakasura.

When there is Amavasya on Tuesday, the deity is worshiped at the Khagarta Sangam .. On that day, there is more virtuous fruit here than worship and bathing in Varanasi, Prayag, Gaya and Karukhetra and in Pushkar. Will be received from philosophy

Know how Bhat Puja is done for Mangal Dosh Shaman

The simple and surest way of mitigating Mangal Dosh is the worship of Mars. According to which the first Panchang Karma in which Ganeshambika Puja, Punyahavachan, Shodash Matruka Puja, Nandi Shraddha and Brahman Puja are performed. After that, Mangal Devot is recited on Lord Sri Angareshwar by taking bath with Mangal Dev's milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar, ashtagandha, perfume and hemp. Being in the form of Shiva, reciting Rudrabhisheka or Shivamahin Stroth is done. After that, the cooked rice is cooled and mixed with panchamrit in it and offered to Shri Angareshwar Shivalinga and an attractive makeup is done. Havan is done by worshiping Shodashopchar and performing Aarti, fire setting, Navagraha and Rudra installation.

According to scholars, the nature of Mars is warm. Therefore, for the relief of coldness and Mangal Dosha, an offering is offered to Lord Mangaldev. A person with a Mangal Dosh, whose marriage is getting interrupted, must make a puja on Shri Angareshwar to get rid of Mangal Dosh.

Special Note: After discussing with an experienced and learned astrologer, Acharya V Shastri measures should be taken to prevent Mangal Dosh on Shri Angareshwar Mahadev. Worship of Mars has special significance. Worship done incomplete or without some essential substances can also have adverse effects.

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