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Astrological Meaning of 6 Fingers and Toes

Astrological Meaning of 6 Fingers and Toes

Astrological Meaning of 6 Fingers and Toes - six fingers astrology

According to Indian Vedic astrology, who have 6 fingers in hand or toes are very lucky and in some hands the little finger has the sixth finger and in some hands it is near the thumb.  It is believed that according to palmistry, those individuals who have 6 fingers in their hands or toes are very lucky and such a person is more fortunate.

Medical Science Behind it?

There’s a logical explanation of everything. The science behind six fingers is, it’s a genetic condition called polydactyl. It is a very common congenital malformation.

Famous People With Six Fingers (celebrities and famous people with 6 fingers or toes)

Although Medical science denies that having a sixth finger or toes can bring extra luck to someone, there are few successful individuals from different professions who have extra fingers and toes. They do not credit their extra digits to be the secret behind their success, but astrologers believe so. Have a look. best career astrologer in delhi, shastri, acharya, acharya v shastri, v acharya,

Kate Hudson (Actress)

Halle Berry (Actress)

Gemma Arterton (Actress)

Jimmy Cliff (Musician)

Anne Boleyn (Queen of England)

Oprah Winfrey (Talk Show Host)

Maria Sharapova (Tennis Player)

Antonio Alfonseca (Pitcher)

Drew Carey (Actor)

kate hudson (celebrities)

oprah (celebrities)

halle berry (celebritie)

What Astrology Says About Extra Fingers and Toes? (fingers astrology)

Those people are born with an extra little thumb, they are blessed by Lord Shani. This brings in a matchless charm to attract opposite sex. Along with an extra sensuality, these people are also known to be lovers of nature and beauty. The position, strength and size of this extra thumb are also a factor in how strong Saturn will be in their life. top astrologer in Gurgaon, famous astrologer in Gurgaon, top astrologers in delhi,

Similarly, those people are born with an extra little finger, they are blessed by Lord Jupiter. Jupiter is consider in astrology as benefic planet. With the extra finger on hand on the along with the little finger, the planet is known to provide such people with extraordinary financial gains and success. Also, such a person is known to be more thoughtful towards the right calculations, mistakes, benefits, and loss.

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