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Genuine Astrology Acharya V Shastri is Best Astrologer in Dwarka. My family was having a tough time consistently since a few months and we were not being able to understand why. Consulting the Family Problems Specialist, Famous Astrologer in Dwarka came as a great relief to us. We are having a pretty good time since he took to resolve our family troubles thank you great personality. We would recommend for my friends and family thank you.

Payal Kumar

Have been going to Acharya V Shastri’s for over 10 years who is genuine and famous Astrologer in Dwarka and Gurgaon. He is very gifted in his field and offers genuine and frank advice. He has been a great source of wisdom to me when facing personal challenges and has always been spot on with his insights. I always walk away feeling better about things after I see his and I highly recommend his services.

Dhirender Pundir

Interesting and unconventional approach of vocational guidance. If you are looking for a change in your professional life, but have so many ideas that you do not know which way to go, it can help you. They are famous astrologer in Delhi NCR, since from many years I was able to identify the relevant topics and identify a manageable number of suitable professions.

Anupama Dixit

I am student who came for career counselling searching best astrologer in Dwarka, then Acharya V Shastri gave me great insight on how to proceed with my career and how to avoid possible failures in life. This has changed my view completely. All in, was an amazing session I will refer all my friends and family friends to everyone please go and consult this person he is very genuine

Vikas Rajoria

Acharya V Shastri’s Avs.Astrology is amazing and super accurate in his predictions. I absolutely love that he incorporates Vedic and astrology readings together (much personalised) and he made me feel comfortable and understood. I left feeling less anxious about my past, present and future. To be reassured with the guidance of a knowledgeable best famous astrologer in Delhi NCR, talented reader is so important to me. Highly recommend this lovely Person.

Dheeraj Shah

It was God's grace that I met Acharya V Shastri in Dwarka office. A person who can give scientific explanation for all cause and effects in human life. His confidence in predicting ones future is astounding, and this comes from his extreme competence. He is god’s angel for us. Just speaking to him will remove your stress like magic.

Subhedra Nayak

Few experiences are hard to explain unless you have experienced it yourself. I was not a believer in astrology at all, until few incidents happen to me. My mental piece is returned, thanks to Acharya V Shastri Ji and that is the most important to me so that I am capable of looking after my loved ones. Whether it is genuine, or a sheer coincidence, or perhaps a placebo effect or maybe something else beyond my understanding, I strongly feel that it worked for me from best Astrologer in Dwarka, Delhi NCR. If you are facing issues and tried everything else then I would recommend giving it a go as giving up or suicide is not worth it. Blessings to all.

Santosh B.

One of the top Astrologer in Gurgaon, Acharya V Shastri gave me insight into my patterns. With the birth chart I didn't initially understand but in retrospect I see where I am most at peace and happily useful. I know where my talents lie and I've found exactly where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life. I also appreciate his calendars of the Mercury Retrograde schedule!


Acharya V Shastri is famous Astrologer in Dwarka is a bright and caring person. He transmits his passion and knowledge to us with generosity and warmth. He is a sensitive and curious artist he willingly shares all of his spiritual and literary sources, etc. His Astrology requires a real work of introspection, inspiration and knowledge. A skillful mixture which turns out to be fascinating and I do not know it. Am that at the beginning.!

Vijay Tripathi

I am really happy with the service of Acharya V Shastri is Best famous Astrologer in Dwarka. Have been a loyal customer for the past 5 years. Customer service is really good, person is friendly and approachable, easy to work with and also keeps up with the updates. You can look out for Acharya V Shastri for great customer service as he is one of the best therapist I have come across therefore, I would highly recommend this place. Peace & God Bless Us All.

M George