Customer Reviews

I am taking a good opportunity to share about Acharya Sir, he’s always a good positive attitude person, honest and keeps time punctuality and best astrologer in Delhi reviews he helped us to get clarity with our situation last two times since May 2018 and get an idea of what to do. I am very thankful for his astrological advice in time. So, I highly recommend an astrologer in Delhi NCR to anyone who needs astrological advice to seek his help. but need to be patience and plan your appointment well in advance. he will provide the appointment as soon as he can if any emergency situation based on request

Jeet Ji

Have been looking for the best astrologer in Delhi NCR Region to balance my horoscope reading but also to Get into chart analysis and spirituality. I can't be more pleased with my experience. Guruji made me feel comfortable from the beginning. He was very accurate and able to provide some much needed clarity. I highly recommend astrologers in North India.

Singh jeet

Respected Sir, your astrology is great. They are the best astrologer in India online. The predictions are very much accurate. You had predicted that my marriage would happen between July and Nov, my wife and I met in July and now getting married in Nov. It's really great. We trust you eyes closed. Thank you so much sir

Rajesh sharma

One of the most comprehensive consultations I have seen and easily understood. You may see it in both the modern view and ancient/astrological view. The remedies given are something practical and there is no hidden cost . Highly recommended astrologer in Delhi NCR and best astrologer in Dwarka nearby.

Neha Sharma

Famous Astrologer in India Thank you so much for the time spent with me yesterday on phone reading. I am still reeling from the accuracy of your reading. It's such a wonderful and comforting feeling to know the journey I am on is truly Divine. The fact that it's right there in my chart and you shared it with me. I look forward to working with you.

Rosy johnson

Ok I must say as this being my first time seeking spiritual help this was an absolutely amazing astrologer in Dwarka.Everything about my reading was spot on. From my past to the current he never missed a tune. Also he was comforting. And at times even making me laugh. I can’t compare my reading to anything as this being my first time and all. But I can say I will never forget how great it was. thanks for everything looking forward to speaking again best astrologer in India online

Bikram singh

The reading was very thorough and accurate. I really enjoyed the reading and all the time that was put into my reading. The place was really good! I recommend it to anyone and a more friendly person with genuine guidance and all they are the best astrologer in Delhi NCR.

B S king

The experience with guruji has been very comfortable and classic. Very rarely you find young, educated and knowledgeable personalities in the field of Astrology. Visited him 4 months back. Such a comforting personality Best Astrologer in Delhi. He explained the Horoscope very nicely. With every detail, which makes us relate our life to the planetary powers. Got a chance to do the remedies from him. They are definitely effective. Also less expensive compared to the actual market price. I would recommend visiting him and enjoying his aura. His expertise in the field. Already suggested to so many people. Thank you.

Rekha Sirvi

I consulted him first about 6 months back - he seemed to be quite different from other astrologers I consulted before and he is the best astrologer in Dwarka. He does not give false promises or rosy pictures if it is not in your horoscope but advises some unorthodox remedies. After about 3 months thereafter he did some special remedial procedure which seemed to work - I was desperate to change my location of job and it did happen! I have again consulted him recently for further betterment in my life and hope to see it coming this year. I recommend him to everybody- he is quite young but has very good knowledge in 3rd Generation astrology.

Jason roy

Amazing reader and best astrologer in India. I have talked to many readers in my time, and this man is the top. Always helpful and honest. If you are looking for an experience of the highest quality you have found it.He is a compassionate person who pulls from a lot of life experience and has a background of helping others as well as those less fortunate. His readings can be as fun or as serious as you want them to be.

Peter smith