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1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads Benefits - Types of Rudraksha with Benefits and how to wearing Rudrakshas By Acharya V Shastri.

1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads Benefits - Types of Rudraksha with Benefits and how to wearing Rudrakshas By Acharya V Shastri.

What is Rudraksha, Identification of Rudraksha and use of Rudraksha?

Usually you would have seen that nowadays, Rudraksha is going on in every market, crossroads in every city market and many well-known companies are selling it, but it is very difficult to identify it. One face and multiple faces Rudraksha are also being sold in the market due to the expensive. A fake person buys them as real but they do not get the results. Due to which he is deprived of the benefits of Rudraksh and throughout his life there is a belief in his mind that Rudraksha is a useless thing.

Many people use chemical in the lure of profit, make its color look like real Rudraksha and make a stripe on it and sell it in expensive price. Many times the two Rudrakshas are sold by connecting them to the very cleverness. You must have seen that on many Rudraksh, profit is also made by making the shape of Ganesha, snake, Shivling.

According to Astrology research by few groups of Astrology students from a Reputed Best famous Astrology Institute in Delhi- NCR “Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan Avam Parshikshan Sansthan”, the use of Rudraksha is not only in wearing it, but through Rudraksha we can get any type of disease completely in a short time. It is advisable to wear gems for the peace of any planet based on astrology. The real gem is not very expensive because every person cannot wear it. The description of the glory of Rudraksha is fully found in the Shiva Purana, Rudrapuran, Lingapuran Srimad Bhagwat Gita. Everyone knows that Rudraksha has full representation of Lord Shiva. The moon is always seated on the feet of Lord Shiva, so if there is any problem due to the lunar planet, then Rudraksha gets away from wearing it. Rudraksha is very useful in liberating from any type of mental disturbance, disease and Saturn suffering from Saturn's moon. Shiva makes snakes and garlands around the neck. Therefore, Rudraksha is also very useful in the prevention of problems caused by Kaal Sarp.

While wearing Rudraksha, you will get benefit from the planets, while you will also be physically healthy. You will always be free from the upper winds because the person who wears Rudraksha never has any problem of ghosts and demons etc. That person can travel anywhere without any fear. Rudraksha is beneficial, Sidhdayak, Papnashak, curative and salvation. It is said in the Shiva Purana that a person chanting the mantra ‘ नमः शिवाय’by wearing Rudraksha or its Bhasma becomes Shiva.

Because of such other things, Rudraksha is sold in expensive price, but if a person buys Rudraksha in spiritual faith, if he gets such Rudraksha, then he is deceived with his spiritual mind. Have you ever bought any Rudraksha from a reliable place? But you too can know in your own way how real and fake Rudraksha are.

It has been said in the scriptures that Lord Shiva (Bholenath) is always pleased by the devotees who wear Rudraksha. But the question arises, often people do not get the real rosary of Rudraksha, which does not have much effect in worshiping Lord Shiva. Now we are going to give you some information about Rudraksha, by which you can identify genuine and fake Rudraksha and how fake Rudraksha is made… Rudraksha provides relief in many diseases of body and mind. Wearing it keeps the heartbeat and blood pressure under control. It is said that a person wearing Rudraksha gets old age late.

What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksh (English name: - "Rudraksh or Rudraksha") is the grain (fruit) of a tree!

The tree and tree of Rudraksh is called ‘Rudraksha tree’! The grain that grows in the same important tree is called Rudraksha! In Hinduism, both the tree of Rudraksha and Rudraksha dana are equally important. Even today, we worship the tree of Rudraksha in different houses and the great devotee known for Rudraksh can be found in the sight of a devotee who made a ponytail Rudraksha and made a garland of Rudraksha made of 108 Rudraksha grains. Rudraksh is very high in Hinduism! It is also said that Rudraksha is Lord Shiva itself and Rudraksh Dana is also the jewel of Lord Mahadeva (Pashupatinath). All the information related to Rudraksha is found and expanded with complete information in various enlightening books of our Hindu religion and great books like Shiva Purana, Goddess Bhagwat Geeta!

Rudraksha tree is found especially in Nepal! In any case, if another place is found, then the devotees will be beneficent in wearing and wearing Rudraksh of Nepal, because Rudraksha of Nepal is powerful. In India, one also gets some rude rudraksh but does not have the same quality as Nepal! Rudraksh is found in India especially in Assam and Haridwar but there is not much hole in rudraksh! Rudraksha has grown from time to time, like sages, sages, monks, saints, ascetics and fasting! Various devout devotees from India visit Sri Pashupatinath temple in Nepal and buy Rudraksha from here. Rudraksha is produced in various places in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, Jhapa, Sindhupalchowk, Bhojpur, Biratnagar, Cabre etc.

Rudraksha trees are found in many countries of the world including India. In India, Rudraksha tree is found in both hilly and plain areas. The length of Rudraksha tree varies from 50 to 200 feet. Its flowers are white in color and the fruit applied on it is round in shape from which Rudraksha is obtained in the form of kernels.

Rudraksha is found in the Himalayan regions of India, India. Apart from this, Rudraksha is found in sufficient quantity in the forests of Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Arunachal Pradesh, Bengal, Haridwar, Garhwal and Dehradun. Apart from this, Rudraksha trees can be seen in South India in Nilgiri and Mysore and also in Karnataka. Rudraksh is also found in Rameswaram, here Rudraksha is like cashew nut. Rudraksha is also found in the areas of Gangotri and Yamunotri.

In India, they are mainly found in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Dehradun. The peel from the fruit of Rudraksh is cleaned by melting its seeds in water. Its seeds are used in making garlands etc. in the form of Rudraksha. There are natural holes inside it and there are pieces like orange which are called mouth.

According to me, according to the Puranas in Rudraksha's Samadhi episode, "Rudraksh is created from the tear of Lord Shiva's eye! It is said that on the death of Sati, Shivji felt very sad and his tears fell in many places, causing Rudraksha (Rudra- Axis (i.e. Shiva's tear) originated. Lord Shiva has also said to his son Kumar, "O Kumar, I am seated in Rudraksha with the entire deity god and that all humans, sages, sages, saints worship Rudraksh and are always ready for his welfare. I live! "

It is also written in some of the Puranas that the Rudraksh is also produced by falling some sweat from the body of Lord Shiva Shankar Bhole Baba! It is written that the tree of Rudraksh has originated from the shrine of Lord Shiva! Different types of Rudraksha are produced in the Rudraksha tree of Lord Shiva! Information about different types of Rudraksh is detailed in all Puranas!

According to me, the word Rudraksha comes from Sanskrit language! Rudraksha in Sanskrit language is made up of two words! The name of the two words is Rudra + Aaksha, in which Rudra is one of the many names of Lord Shiva and Aaksha means tears of the eyes! Rudraksh is named Rudraksha because of the origin of the tear of the eyes of Lord Shiva!

The only Rudraksha tree is found in Rudraksh Dana (fruit) of different types and differences! Complete information of Rudraksha type can be found in Purana! The type and form of Rudraksha is called Rudraksha Mukhi and can be known.

Rudraksh is mentioned in Puranas from 1 to 14 Mukhi and today, Rudraksha is also found from 15 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha. This 15 to 21 face Rudraksha is also considered very good and it is also rare!

Each Rudraksha has its face in the grain (fruit)! Mukhi means the natural edge or line in Rudraksha! Different types of Rudraksh have different amounts of edge! Some Rudraksh have 1 edge and some have 2 edge, some have 3 and some have 10 edge too! Rudraksha will be grown in the grain (fruit), the stripe can count from the eye and hand! The type of Rudraksha is from the number of the edge! Any mukhi (any number of radar Rudraksha is produced in the tree of Rudraksha!) It is a matter of absence to get some rudraksh! In the only tree, all of the rudraksh flourishes in a united joint! Much like Rudraksha tree, 2, 3, 4, 5 simultaneous faces also flourish in the same tree. Rudraksha tree can also have any face!

Rudraksha tree also has the effect of wind water for different faces!

According to me, 'Rudraksha Mukhi' and 'Rudraksha type' occurring in Rudraksha are identified with the edge in Rudraksha! The name of the type of Rudraksha is also identified by the number of squares occurring in the same Rudraksha! For example - Where does the one-edged Rudraksha Dana (fruit) go to a Mukhi Rudraksha, the 10-edged Rudraksha is called 'Dus Mukhi Rudraksha' Rudraksha! According to edge in Rudraksha, it is named Mukhi rudraksha! Up to today, we can see 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi in Nepal. 21 Mukhi Rudraksha has 21 edges! I have also heard that 24 Mukhi Rudraksh has also flourished in Nepal, in which there would be 24 edges, this Rudraksha is very rare! The importance of the entire deity of Rudraksha type and the worship and worship has been given in the Puranas of our Hindu religion.

How to identify real Rudraksha?

To identify Rudraksha, boil Rudraksha in water for a few hours, if Rudraksha does not come out of color or has any effect on it, it will be real. Apart from this, you put Rudraksha in water if it sinks then it is not real but not fake. But this test is not considered good because the ability of Rudraksh to sink or float depends on its density and raw or cooked and Rudraksha made of Rudraksh metal or any other heavy thing is also immersed in water. If Rudraksha looks darker than its color when you put Rudraksha in mustard oil, then it is real.

If it is drowned by putting Rudraksha in water, then real otherwise fake. But now this identity has been abolished by the craft of merchants. Rudraksha made of rosewood is easily immersed in water.

Putting a piece of copper down and placing Rudraksha on it, then placing another piece of copper on the Rudraksha and pressing it lightly with one finger, the real Rudraksha starts dancing. This identification is still authentic.

Putting Rudraksha in pure mustard oil and heating it for 10 minutes, it will become brighter if the original Rudraksha is there and if it is fake it will fade away. Often the Rudraksha drowned in water is real and the one who floats on the water is considered fake but this is not true. Ripe Rudraksha is immersed in water while raw Rudraksha floats on water. Therefore, through this process, it can be known that the Rudraksha is cooked or raw, not real or fake. famous astrologer in Delhi NCR,

Often Rudraksha are in dark colored is considered good and light colored one is not. In fact, after peeling off the rudraksha, it is painted on it. The beads of Rudraksh found in the market are painted yellow after threading. Sometimes the color becomes lighter due to the lack of color. Rudraksha, which looks black and dark brown, is often used, due to exposure to Rudraksha oil or sweat.

Some rudraksha have holes naturally, such rudraksha is considered very auspicious. While most rudrakshas have to be pierced.

Rudraksha walking between two rings or two copper coins is real, it is also a fallacy. An object placed in this way will move in some direction. It depends on the pressure applied to it. famous astrologer in Gurgaon,

To identify Rudraksha, pierce it with a needle. If the fibre comes out, it will be fake and if not, it will be fake.

If the plateau over the fake Rudraksha is uniform then it is fake Rudraksha. The upper surface of the real Rudraksha will never be uniform. Just as the fingerprints of two human beings are not the same, in the same way, the upper plateaus of two Rudrakshas are not the same. Yes, fake Rudrakshas can have the same number of upper plateaus. famous astrologer in Dwarka,

Shivalinga, trident or snake are accustomed on some Rudrakshas. They are not made naturally but are a specimen of skilled workmanship or sample of a good woodcraft. These shapes are made by grinding Rudraksha with its filings. I will write his method of identification further.

Sometimes two or three rudrakshas are naturally connected. These are called Gauri Shankar or Gauri text Rudraksha. Their value is very high due to which their chances of being fake increases equally. Skilled artisans make two or more Rudrakshas by sticking them with spices.

Often, four mouths of five face Rudraksh are closed with spices and sold as one mouth, which increases their price greatly. On looking carefully, the spice is shown to be full. Sometimes the five faces make Rudraksha more skilled than skilled craftsmen and stripes. Which increases their value.

Naturally formed stripes or plateaus near the mouth are raised while the man-made plateaus are flat. This is known by looking carefully. At the same time, man-made faces are absolutely straight while naturally made faces are not completely straight.

Often, they are sold as real rudraksh by adding color to ber kernels. In Rudraksha beads, only ber kernels are used.

Method of identification of Rudraksha- Boil water in a bowl. Put Rudraksha in this boiling water for one or two minutes. Remove the bowl from the stove and cover it. After two to four minutes, remove the lid and take out Rudraksha and watch it carefully.

If it is added to the Rudraksha, it will burst. By sticking two Rudrakshas, ​​he would have made Gaurishankar Rudraksha or if he had pasted Shivling, snakes etc., he would be separated. 

If the Rudraksha has filled the solution and closes their mouth, then their mouth will open. If the Rudraksha is naturally cracked, it will burst a little more. If there is a kernel of plum, then it will be soft, while there will not be much difference in the real Rudraksha. If you want to remove color from Rudraksh, then heat it by adding it in salt water, its color will become lighter. By doing this color, Rudraksha is not damaged. top  astrologer in Gurgaon,

It is often believed that Rudraksha drowned in water is real and floating imitation. It is not true that the sinking and swimming of Rudraksh depends on the amount of its raw water and wateriness’, when cooked and will be submerged in water.

The second reason is that rotates when pressing Rudraksha between two copper coins. If some pressure is exerted, then it will roam in some direction or the other, which is such as this, which does not give the result of Rudraksha being real.

For the real, if the fiber is removed when the Rudraksha is injected with a needle, then if any other chemicals are produced, then if you see any other chemicals, then if the fake Rudraksh is not matched with each other, then look at the fake Rudraksha or their upper plateau will look like Gori Shankar and Gori Patha Rudraksha is naturally connected but cutting fake Rudraksha and adding it is the art of skilled artisans, but this art cannot benefit anyone. astrologer in delhi ncr,

One such round grain granule Rudraksh is quite expensive and obsolete, but the artisans are taking advantage of it without even consuming it. But the wearer feels its fault. The fake Rudraksha's stripe will be straight, but the original Rudraksha's stripe will be a horizontal teddy. Sometimes, after giving color to the ber kernel, the artisan gives it the shape of Rudraksha and is also sold in the market.

It is found out by boiling it in plenty of water for testing. But in reality, nothing happens that will come out when the water is cold. If you separate any two connected Rudrakshas, ​​then they will be flat from the middle, but the real half will be crooked. From nine face to 21 Mukhi and one Mukhi Gol Dana Gori Shankar, Goripath etc. This is expensive Rudraksha.

Other Rudraksh best astrologer in dwarka delhi,

Ganesha Rudraksh - There are some other Rudrakshas even after Chaturshmukhi Rudraksh, like Ganesha Rudraksha. The identity of Ganesh Rudraksha is that there is a raised beauty of Rudraksha naturally on it. It is extremely rare and powerful Rudraksha. It signifies the strength and vivacity of Ganesha. It provides astounding progress in business by providing intelligence, Riddhi-Siddhi to the wearer. It is able to provide success by increasing concentration in the mind of the students. Here Rudraksha protects you from obstacles.

Gaurishankar Rudraksha - It is considered to be a mixed form of Shiva and Shakti. The combined grace of aphoristic Shiva and Shakti is attained. It gives special success in economic terms. Family harmony, attractiveness, aids in the attainment of wishes.

Sheshnag Rudraksha - The rudraksha which has a raised fungi on its tail and remains naturally, is called Sheshnag Rudraksha. This is a very rare Rudraksha. It provides continuous progress to the holder. Wealth helps in physical and mental progress.

The beads of large grains of Rudraksh are cheaper than the beads of small grains. The garlands of grains that are clean, clean, tough, and smooth have a clear face are quite expensive. Other forms of Rudraksha are Gauri Shankar, Gauri Ganesh, Ganesh and Trijuti etc. In Gauri Shankar Rudraksha, two Rudraksha are naturally connected. Both these are symbols of Rudraksh Gauri and Shankar. Wearing it keeps sweetness in married life. Similarly, in Gauri Ganesh also two Rudrakshas are connected, one big one small, as if Ganesha is seated in the lap of Parvati. 

There is no need to take any special care in wearing Rudraksha, but just as we try to keep the divine powers in a holy environment, wearing a Rudraksha, it is good to wear cleanness. Therefore, normally Rudraksha should be kept off at night and should be chanted after bathing in the morning. By this, it gives us energy by avoiding the inauspiciousness of night and morning, filled with the energy of chanting. Shiva is always complete with power. There is no gender difference in divine powers. The difference between man and woman is only in the earth. Rudraksha, which has divine powers, can be worn by women. top astrologers in delhi, best career astrologer in delhi,

Gauri Shankar Rudraksh and Gauri Ganesh Rudraksh are exclusively for women. First for successful married life and second for child happiness. Yes, it is good if you do not wear Rudraksha for three days of Rajo Darshan in terms of purity

To wear Rudraksha, one should chant the “ऊँ नमः शिवाय मंत्र” mantra on Monday morning by washing it with raw milk and then with Ganga water and applying ashtagandha.

Want to Know More about other Rudraksha like 1 to 21 and etc., please follow the below said table.

1 Mukhi Rudraksh 1 Mukhi Rudraksh


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