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Moon has a deep impact on the mind

Moon has a deep impact on the mind

Moon has a deep impact on the emotional mind, read this interesting article written by Acharya V Shastri.

In Indian Vedic astrology (astrology in Gurgaon), the moon has been considered as a very important planet. The position of the moon in the horoscope tells about important topics in the life of the native.

Moon and birth constellation:

At the time of birth, the constellation of the person in which the moon is located, is considered the birth constellation of the person. The person is named after the birth constellation. When the Moon is at the time of birth, it is called the Moon sign.

The moon of the full moon provides different enjoyment. Along with the changes in the arts of the Moon, it also affects the other factors of the horoscope. The way the phases of the moon change quickly, the mind is also fickle. The moon has been called the mind factor. For this it is said in the Rigveda. best astrologer in Dwarka delhi, astrologer in delhi ncr, top astrologer in Gurgaon, famous astrologer in Gurgaon, top astrologers in delhi,

चन्द्रमा मनसो जातश्चक्षोः सूर्यो अजायत

That is, the moon has a deep influence on the mind of the native. All types of liquids represent the Moon. Along with water, the causative planet of the water-related plants, fish, wells, ponds, seas etc. is the moon.

Know what affects the moon (Astrology in Gurgaon):

That is, whatever the superior people conduct, the public opinion considers it as their ideal. Seeing his behaviour, other people also follow.

The best people, i.e. the people who lead the people, their conduct has an effect on the public, therefore it is our duty to present an example of good conduct. best career astrologer in delhi, shastri, acharya, acharya v shastri, v acharya,

Body parts: Moon is the main factor of mind. The moon affects various body fluids such as blood, urine, digestion, etc. The sight and eye are also in the possession of the Moon. The effect of the moon is considered on the left of men and the right eye of women and on the chest.

Disease: Diseases related to the mind are affected by the Moon itself. Strange behaviour, irritability, hysterical diseases etc. are seen from Moon. Diseases of digestion, authority over liquid things like cough, colds, bronchitis, phlegm related diseases, vision defects etc. are decided by Moon.

Business: Factors related to water are also considered within the jurisdiction of the moon, so the business related to irrigation, water is considered to be under the jurisdiction of the moon. Also, things related to love and upbringing also come under the jurisdiction of the moon. The moon's position is analysed in the horoscope for the business moon associated with flowers, nurseries, and juices.

Products: Moon is a fast moving planet, hence its products fall under the jurisdiction of the moon, fast growing vegetables, juicy fruits, sugarcane, sweet potato, saffron and maize. The moon also comes in the possession of colors, so the business of making items such as nickel, silver, pearl, camphor, matsya, silver plated pearl is affected by the moon.

Places: Moon is a factor of coolness. Therefore, water wells, step wells, cows and buffaloes, etc. are all considered affected by the moon. Therefore, for analysis related to these places, the moon is considered to be the main factor.

Animals, Birds and Flora: White rats, cat dogs, cats, white mice, ducks, turtles, crab, fish and small domesticated animals are known to be affected by the moon. Som (moon) is also considered to be a factor of juice, so all kinds of juicy fruits, sugarcane, flowers etc. and flora growing in water are also affected by the movement of the moon.

These are the effects when the moon is strong: the moon affects the fluidity. The act of controlling and processing the liquid liquids in the human body is affected by the Moon. The body weight of the native is also affected due to the influence of the Moon. Those people who have a strong influence of the moon have an excess of water element.

Due to excess of fluidity in the body, diseases related to phlegm and body fluids or diseases related to mental troubles start. Sleep is also affected by the moon in this way; such natives may also have more sleep problems.

Having weak moon will have these effects:

Weak moon affects peace of mind. Such natives begin to become mentally unstable, which affects the pleasures of the mind. The Moon exerts a forceless effect by being in the Scorpio zodiac sign or at times the effect of the Moon in a particular position in the horoscope or under the influence of an inauspicious planet.

The strong influence of the inauspicious Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope increases the opposite effect of the moon. Due to this, the native of horoscope can also suffer from mental diseases. The influence of inauspicious planets on the moon can cause the native to suffer from problems like insomnia and restlessness. Due to this effect, the native has difficulty in sleeping.

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