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Financial Problems Specialist

Financial Problems Specialist

Approach the Financial Problems Specialist for Best Solution

Finance is a major factor that influences the personal, social as well as professional life. It is important to have enough money to lead a healthy, comfortable and happy life. However, if the positions of planets in the birth chart are not good, the individuals may face a job loss, health loss, and financial loss. To solve these problems, you can consult an astrologer and get the appropriate remedies. Acharya V Shastri is a popular astrologer who provides accurate predictions and remedies to resolve the problems. You can meet him and get the solutions. 

Remedies Provided by Financial Problems Specialist

Astrology is a powerful tool that helps in resolving different kinds of problems. With the help of astrological remedies, you can resolve your financial issues. Here are some remedies that can help you to get rid of financial sufferings

Put a mirror in the locker to attract wealth. The mirror would reflect the locker’s vision and let the wealth come in.

Place your cabinet or locker in the south-west corner of your house. The route for Lord Kuber (God of Money) is North. Therefore, opening the cabinet in the north direction would help in keeping the cabinet stocked with money.

To seek the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi, place her picture at the place of worship and pray twice a day.

On Friday, feed kheer to three unmarried girls and offer them some cash with yellow clothing. This would please Goddess Lakshmi.

Avoid the use of broken vessels in your home.

After taking a bath, apply saffron tilak on your forehead every day.

Plant Tulsi in your house and light a diya of ghee close to it.

Donate a part of your monthly income to charity. It would help you in earning the Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings.

To delight Goddess Lakshmi, offer water to Lord Vishnu on every Friday through a conch-shell.

At the place of worshiping at home and office, place a Kuber Yantra on a piece of red cloth. Offering prayers daily would help in attracting wealth.

Remedies of financial debt in astrology

On every Wednesday, feed the cow with green grass.

The problems of every individual are different so do the solutions. To get the desired results in less time, it is important to know the right remedy as well as time. To know the best astrological remedy for your problem, you can talk to financial problems specialist. Acharya V Shastri is a well-known astrologer. He is having experience of around 30 years. You can take advice from him to resolve your financial issues. Based on the study of your birth chart, he would tell you the best remedies.

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