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What is dream (sapne)?

What is dream (sapne)?

What is dream (sapne)? Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR, Astrologer Acharya V Shastri is Top Famous Astrologer in Delhi NCR,

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Man has always been interested in dreams. Our Vedas and Puranas also mention about the dream.

Our Vedic texts of ancient times have explained in detail on dream science and its fruits. Some dreams seen in sleep at night give us auspicious results and some inauspicious. Contact for marriage, career, love, health and other issues,

The Agni Purana also envisages dreaming and Shakun-ushkun. According to our sages, the coming of dreams is a boon of divine power and the dreams of the fourth state of sleep or the last stroke of the night give the person a foreshadowing of the future events.

Everyone has dreams. Every dream has its meaning and its result. There are 2 types of dreams, one that we see in deep sleep after sleeping, and the other which we think for our golden future. Dreams are those that are not real, but a thinking, which we want to get in the future. The dreams we see in our sleep are associated with our life somewhere.

Many times in the dream, we see such an event which is connected to our past, or see what is going to happen in the future. Many times we keep thinking like in our life, just like we live in the environment, we dream at night. Dreams are not always incomplete, they are sometimes complete, sometimes dreams are fulfilled immediately, and sometimes they give effect after a short time. According to astrology, every dream has some meaning and meaning. Dreams are a mirror of our future, they warn us in advance of the trouble to come.

Our Saint and sages, while understanding the heart of the dream, told about the auspicious results of their astrological side, but the puzzle remained unsolved as to why dreams come and what is their psychological basis?

Astrology believes that dreams are a mirror of our future. According to astrology, every dream has a meaning or meaning (Sapno ka Matlab). Some dreams tell the story of a bygone moment from our future. Matsya Purana is explained in detail about the interpretation of dreams or Swapan Phal.

Know when and what dreams come true


According to Matsya Purana, the important information related to dream result is the following.

It is believed that if you dream well, then you should not sleep. After a good dream, one should get up and do bhajan or chanting and should not tell anyone the most important good dreams. Just before the sun rises, that is, the results of the dream seen in the Brahma Muhurta appear in 10 days. It is believed that the fruit of the dream seen in the first hour of the night comes after one year, the fruit of the dream seen in the second watch comes after 6 months. The fruit of the dream seen in the third quarter comes after 3 months and the result of the dream of the last time is seen in one month. One should not pay attention to day dreams.

What to do when a nightmare comes?

According to Matsya Purana, if nightmares occur, following measures should be taken…

First of all, if you have a nightmare, then you must tell someone as soon as you wake up in the morning. After taking bath and meditating on Shiva, water should be given to the basil plant. While giving water, tell your dream in front of the basil plant.

This is the psychological perspective in the context of dreams.

According to the famous psychologist Wawster, dreaming is the drawing of events, observed shapes, imaginations and thoughts in the subconscious mind of a sleeping person during a state of consciousness.

According to the famous psychologist Froyd, we have two brains - first conscious and second subconscious. When our conscious brain is in dormancy, the subconscious brain starts to become active and takes into consideration the aspects of events or decisions in human life that the conscious mind is not able to notice. There are four stages of sleep.

In the fourth stage the REM principle works. In this, the events or states neglected by the conscious mind come together as a replica. According to Froyd, nightmares boost your morale to protect you from emotional depression and at the same time give you a foreshadowing of the events happening in the future.

Our sleep is divided into several cycles and every cycle in many stages. Each cycle begins with a light sleep. The last 2 stages are followed by deep sleep and REM (rapid eye movement). We go through 4 to 5 rem periods every night. Their duration is from 5 to 45 minutes. All dreams are seen only in the REM period and only mammals.

The REM period at the beginning of sleep is quite short, but as the duration of sleep gets longer, the duration of REM period also increases. This is the reason why we mostly see dreams in the morning or in the last cycle of sleep. This is why many times when our sleep opens in the morning, we are in the REM period and dreams seen a short time ago are present in the mind. Often the nightmares that are remembered are also seen in the morning. The only reason for this is the opening of sleep during the REM period. The person does not remember anything when sleep opens after the REM period. Neither good nor bad.

Doctors often face such patients, who suffer from nightmares. Such people usually complain of sleeplessness due to fear and anxiety. Most of the reason behind the sleep is that in the dream, they see a dead or alive (unknowingly) person. Such situations connect ordinary people to ghosts or vampires.

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Repeated nightmares are called dream anxiety disorder. This requires treatment. If not treated properly, they are also at risk of causing problems for family life. Nightmares are more common in women than men. In women, this problem starts in young age.

What does the astrological perspective say in the context of dreams?

It is believed that if a nightmare appears, one should drink water after meditating on his adoration as soon as he wakes up. After this, one should not sleep again. There is also a belief that the dreams seen in the day are fruitless. In many Puranas and Samhita texts of astrology, the description of the auspicious results of dreams has been given.

It is said that the dream seen in the morning comes true. I do not know how much truth is there in this thing, but everything seen in the dream has some deep meaning of object, human, event. By understanding the event, the more we know its meaning, the more we will get to know the deepest feelings and emotions inside us. Having the ability to understand your dreams is a powerful tool. Remember, no one can understand your dreams better than you. Many times these signs seen in dreams also make us worry. Everything seen in the dream, humans, animals, emotions, mood, color, and place, everything shown in it means everything. Through the dream many times, we get an indication of the auspicious or inauspicious event happening in the future.

Such dreams are auspicious

(1) Visions of Dev Darshan, Pitru Darshan, fraternity and family are considered auspicious in a dream.

(2) To see yourself dead in a dream, to be bitten by a snake, to see blood, to see heaven, to kill a snake, to see the solar lunar eclipse, to see the army, the rain shows the signs of desire to be fulfilled.

(3) If you find yourself wrapped in feces in a dream or a snake has bitten you, it means that you will get money. If a snake bites your head in a dream, you can become a king.

(4) If you see death in the dream, funerals, dead bodies etc. in the crematorium, then you get good benefits, progress and desires.

(5) To see death in a dream, to see a corpse, to see a house, etc. Auspicious and chased by an elephant or horse brings some great honor or promotion.

(6) Seeing beautiful woman or nymph in the dream brings peace with lover or girlfriend.

(7) Toothache or nail biting in a dream is liberating from debt, seeing a train, traveling itinerary, seeing a garden or a green field, relieves anxiety.

(8) To see oneself flying in a dream- This is the philosophy of confidence or freedom and salvation. Modern ideology sees it as a symbol of extraordinary ability.

(9) If a pigeon appears in a dream, it is an indicator of good news.

(10) If a person finds his lost object in a dream, he gets happiness in the next life.

(11) If a person finds himself climbing a mountain in a dream, then he gets success one day.

(12) If you see a Bhandara in a dream, then the life of a person will be full of wealth.

(13) If you adopt a child in a dream, then the dream is auspicious, you can get money without earning from gambling, lottery or betting in future.

(14) If you are still a virgin, you see in your dream that a weapon is lying on the floor in front of you, the result of this is very auspicious, that is, you will get a life partner soon.

Such dreams / dreams are inauspicious

From the astrological point of view the inauspicious results of the following dreams are obtained….

(1) If a person sees a snake in his dream, then there will be a period of time in his horoscope. Being scared to see the sleeping snake coming towards your body is a symbol of Kaal-Sarp Yoga in the horoscope.

(2) If a person sees himself eating rice in a dream or when he sees rice, the person gets very little money even after hard work.

(3) If a person obtains a bad coin in a dream, it means that you may lose money in the near future. The happiness and prosperity of the home will be badly affected.

(4) If a person sees himself making bread in a dream, then it is indicative of disease.

(5) It is considered inauspicious to see visions of deities, vampires and demons, hell scenes, falling snow in dreams.

(6) To dream of drowning in water, watching water, drinking wine, getting beautiful woman, cutting trees, eating poison etc. is inauspicious.

(7) Pigeon, crow, vulture, electric, visible, wearing black clothes, laughing, embers, devouring, drying up of laughter saints river, singing songs, mud and ghee is considered inauspicious in dream.

(8) If a dog bites in a dream or you are falling from a height, then defamation or any other form of suffering is possible.

देव द्विज श्रेष्ठ वीर गुरू वृहद तपस्विन:

यद्वदन्ति नरं स्वप्ने सत्य मेविति तद्विदु।

If you see Ved Ahagyan in a dream then it is excellent. Dev, Brahmin, superior hero, guru, great ascetic, whatever you say in your dream, believe it to be true.

Shortly before sunrise, that is, the result of the dream seen in the Brahma Muhurta appears in ten days. The fruit of the dream seen in the first hour of the night comes after one year, the fruit of the dream seen in the second quarter after six months, the fruit of the dream seen in the third hour after three months and the fruit of the dream of the last watch in one month.

In the context of dreams, dreams are of four types according to dream astrology.

First divine, second auspicious, third inauspicious and fourth mixed. Divine and auspicious dreams give information about the work. Inauspicious dreams indicate insensitivity and mixed dreams are mixed. If the ominous dreams are seen first and then the good dreams later, then only one gets the fruit of the nightmare. If you have frequent nightmares, then this remedy can be beneficial for you to avoid its inauspicious results…

(1) - If a person wakes up and sleeps again after seeing a bad dream or tells someone at night, then the fruit of the bad dream is destroyed.

(2) - Waking up in the morning to Lord Shankar and praying to destroy the fruit of the dream, give water to the basil plant and say the dream in front of him. The fruit of nightmares is also destroyed by this.

(3) - According to religious scriptures, remembering your adorable while sleeping at night does not cause nightmares.

There is a couplet in Hanuman Chalisa…

Ghost vampires do not come near…. In the mythological context, Hanuman is depicted in a form which has the authority over Pranayama and other siddhis related to it. The basic meaning of the couplet is that by attaching oneself to pranayama etc. one can get rid of these diseases.

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