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Why Tulsi is called miraculous, know its Amazing qualities - तुलसी को क्यों कहा जाता है चमत्कारिक, जानिए इसके अद्भुद गुण

Why Tulsi is called miraculous, know its Amazing qualities - तुलसी को क्यों कहा जाता है चमत्कारिक, जानिए इसके अद्भुद गुण

Tulsi is considered respected and godlike in Hindu (Sanatan Dharma). Due to being loved by Lord Vishnu, it is also called 'Haripriya'. In Ayurveda, many properties of Tulsi have been described, due to its special properties, Tulsi plant is established even today in India, especially in houses that follow Sanatan Dharma. Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR: Astrologer Acharya V Shastri is Top Famous Astrologer in Delhi NCR,

Properties of Tulsi:

Tulsi is a useful as a medicine for so many diseases. It is known as an effective medicine in many diseases such as cough-cold, to strengthen immunity, and to increase intelligence. It has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

• If five to six basil leaves are consumed after getting up in the morning, then it eliminates the toxic elements from the body.

• Metabolism boosts body health. contact for consultant with Genuine Astrologer with expert of future predictions for his clientele.

Uses of Tulsi in various diseases:

Blood sugar:

Blood sugar levels can be controlled by consuming basil water daily. Metabolism is improved by its use. It is beneficial in converting the sugars present in the body into energy. Contact for marriage, career, love, health and other issues.

Improves digestive power:

Regular consumption of basil water and its leaves removes toxic substances stored in the intestines and helps in digestion related problems. Basil also acts as an effective medicine in acid reflux.

Strengthening the respiratory system:

The immunity boosting properties present in Tulsi are helpful in cold, flu, seasonal fever etc. It is also considered as a good medicine in diseases like asthma. It has immune modulatory, antitussive and expectorant properties that relieve various respiratory problems and provide relief to the entire respiratory system. Basil is also a good medicine in bronchial congestion.

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Under mental stress:

In order to relieve stress, cortisol hormone in the body must be in balance. It is also known as stress hormone. The medicinal properties of basil provides mental strength by eliminating depression and anxiety.

Under weight control:

Basil water stimulates digestive juices and enzymes. By working in a balanced form of the digestive system, fat is not stored in the body.

Eat basil leaves in the morning on an empty stomach:

Eating basil leaves on an empty stomach eliminates discomfort and irritation in the stomach. The pH level of the body is also controlled by Tulsi.

As Per Hindu (Sanatan Dharma) Ritual of Tulsi uses

  • If your business is not doing well, then keep the Tulsi basil plant in the south west corner and offer raw milk every Friday. If there is any problem in the job due to high authority, then wherever there is empty space in the office, on Monday, tie sixteen seeds of Tulsi in a white cloth and press it in the corner, this will improve your relationship.
  • Tulsi Basil Tulsi leaves are helpful in curing diseases in the body like nose, ear, wind, phlegm, cough and heart diseases. Tulsi is the only plant capable of making life happy. It can be applied in any empty corner from southeast to northwest to remove vaastu defects. If there is no empty space then basil plant can be planted in pot.
  • If the child is too stubborn and out of his dignity, then feed him three or three leaves of Tulsi basil plant in the east direction in some way. Years ago, there is a tradition of planting a Tulsi basil plant in the courtyard of the house. Women worship it every day and offer water. Visiting Tulsi before leaving home is considered auspicious.
  • Tulsi Plant is considered to be full of medicinal properties. Their leaves have a special property of destroying germs. That is why, in temples, Tulsi leaves are plucked in stewed water so that all the germs of water are destroyed and the water is purified. If any person chants 1 to 11 garlands daily of any Lakshmi Mantra with a garland of Tulsi, then wealth starts coming and happiness and prosperity comes in his family.
  • In one pot, plant one plant of Tulsi and one plant of Black Dhatura. On these two plants, after bathing daily, remove some raw milk in pure water and offer it. Anyone who uses this will get the combined worship of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, these three, because Tulsi is Vishnu form and black Dhatura is Shiva form due to Vishnu Priya and Brahma is considered to be the abode of Tulsi roots.
  • The Tulsi plant is very important in Hinduism. It is believed that the house in which it resides there brings happiness, peace and economic prosperity with spiritual progress. It has many benefits such as cleanliness and purity in the atmosphere, mitigation of pollution, strengthening the roots of healing in the family, living the faith element. तुलसी, तुलसी कई बीमारियों का है रक्षा कवच,
  • Tulsi is a medicine of Indian origin which has cultural significance. Here the presence of its plant in the house is considered divine gift and good luck. It is by far the most important and miracle drug found in India. Let us tell you that basil used in home remedies for cold, cough can also be used in the treatment of people affected by nuclear radiation. तुलसी के औषधीय गुण, तुलसी के फायदे
  • Today I am going to tell you the most important thing about Tulsi, you know that the atmosphere of Tulsi house which is worshiped in your house is completely pure and free from germs. It has been called the doctor of the house. Many types of diseases are cured by this. Diabetes, blood disorders, vata, pitta etc. defects are eliminated by taking four leaves of basil daily on an empty stomach in the morning. home remedies, Benefits of Tulsi, Protective shield of many Diseases,Tulsi,Tulsi Protective Shield,
  • If you sit for a while near the Tulsi basil and sit for some time every day, then you get rid of breathing problems, asthma etc. quickly. Do you forget to keep the keys of the car from place to place or read it diligently, yet you are not able to remember the subject you have read for a long time? If you are troubled by any such problem, it is because of your weak memory power.
  • To increase memory, break 20 leaves of Tulsi basil and grind it with a nugget. Eat it and drink a glass of water. Taking it regularly on an empty stomach in the morning will also kill stomach worms and relieve gastric problems. tulsi ke sehet fayde, tulsi ke sehet fayde,
  • Massage the teeth by mixing Tulsi basil and lemon juice to get healthy and white teeth. The same juice can also be used to increase facial radiance. In case of severe ear pain, its drops should drip into the ear at night. , tulse ke patto ke swasthaya fayde,
  • Worshiping Tulsi keeps happiness and prosperity at home, there is no shortage of money. There is a religious reason behind this. Tulsi has the power to destroy all our sins, its worship brings self-peace. Tulsi is considered as the form of Lakshmi. Worshiping it by law and law makes Mahalakshmi happy and as a result of her grace, there is never a shortage of money at our house.
  • Tulsi Basil is beneficial in bitter and pungent taste phlegm, cough, hiccup, vomiting, worm, and foul smell, all kinds of pain, leprosy and eye disease. There is also a tradition of taking Tulsi in the offerings of God, so that it reaches inside the body in its natural form and if any internal problem is arising in the body, then eliminate it. health benefits of tulsi leaves, health tips, sehet,  Sehat,
  • Tulsi Basil works as the best medicine when any kind of contaminant is collected in the body. The biggest advantage is that there is no reaction by eating it. Two species of basil are planted in most homes. These are called Rama and Shyama. The color of Rama leaves is light. Hence it is called Gauri. Shyama (Black) Tulsi leaves are black in color. It has antipyretic properties. This is the reason why it is used more as a medicine. Ayurvedic Benefits Of Tulsi, Tulsi uses, benefits of tulsi in hindi meaning, benefits of tulsi leaves,
  • There is also a Tulsi forest basil, a caste of Tulsi. It has a tremendous poisonous effect, but is rarely applied in homes. It is a panacea for problems like eye diseases, leprosy and problems in labor. Another caste is desert, which is rarely found. According to RajaMartandeya Granth, its juice works like a good medicine in case of any wound. तुलसी का पौधा, tulsi Basil Benefits, तुलसी के पत्ते,
  • Tulsi Basil is an effective medicine in mosquito bites, such as malaria. Malaria is cured quickly by drinking a decoction of basil and black pepper. Juice of basil leaves should be consumed in fever due to cold. It provides relief in fever.
  • When the body is breaking down or when it feels that fever is about to come, then mix equal quantity of mint juice and Tulsi basil juice and add some jaggery and get relief. Note that if your health is deteriorating, then do not become a doctor of the house and show it to a qualified doctor as soon as possible. Tulsi Basil leaves, tulsi basil leave benefits, tulsi Basil Plant, tulsi Basil Plant Banefits,
  • Ghee lamps, incense, vermilion, sandalwood, naivedya and flowers are offered for Tulsi Puja. Eight names of Tulsi: According to the scriptures, there are eight names of Tulsi - Vrinda, Vrindavani, Vishwa Pujita, Vishwa Pavani, Pushpasara, Nandini, Tulsi and Krishna Jivani. best astrologer in dwarka delhi, astrologer in delhi ncr, top astrologer in Gurgaon, famous astrologer in Gurgaon, top astrologers in delhi,

Special Note: While eating leaves, do not chew them with teeth and swallow them directly. Mercury in the basil can be harmful for teeth.

In Indian religious texts, Tulsi is considered as a form of worship and goddess. Apart from all these remedies, Tulsi is taken as a mixture with medicines in many other diseases. Due to its miraculous qualities, people still apply it at home. best career astrologer in delhi,

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