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What are the Benefits of Neelam or Blue Sappahire?

What are the Benefits of Neelam or Blue Sappahire?

What are the Benefits of Neelam?

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is the gem of Shani Graha, so all the features related to Saturn are present in it, it is a very impressive gem! It is advisable to wear Blue Sapphire to calm the evil effects and suffering of Saturn. It is said that if Neelam appeals to any person, then he will dislike it.

Gemstone Blue Sapphire Rashi Ratan Neelam

People who are spiritually inclined can derive immense benefits from the Blue Sapphire gemstone. The Neelam stone improves meditation, helps in introspection, and self-realization. Therefore blue sapphire is a good companion in the spiritual journey of people. Neelam is the only gem among all the gems which shows its influence and ill effects very quickly. Neelam starts showing effect within about 24 hours of wearing. Due to these powers of Neelam, astrologers recommend that before wearing this gemstone, make sure to check whether it is favourable for you or not.

Which Ascendant sign should wear Sapphire (Persons of what Lagna should wear Blue Sapphire)

  • Neelam or Blue Sapphire is always beneficial for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant.
  • If Aries, Taurus and Libra ascendant are wearing Neelam, then their fate is there.
  • Wearing Sapphire in Saturn's Saturn is beneficial.
  • It is beneficial to wear sapphire even in the position of Saturn.
  • General Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire
  • It increases wealth, happiness, wealth, intelligence, strength, fame, age and total, child.
  • Wearing sapphire is believed to increase knowledge and patience.
  • Neelam instils discipline and humility in life.
  • Sapphire is considered beneficial for politicians and people associated with politics. It is said that he connects with the public more well and this also increases his leadership capacity.

Health Benefits of Blue Sapphire

  • Sapphire can be beneficial for patients suffering from chronic illness and early aging such as back pain, arthritis, suffocation, teeth and asthma.
  • It is said that wearing blue topaz relieves diseases like skin diseases and plague.
  • It is recommended to wear Sapphire or Blue topaz in other diseases and troubles affected by Saturn.

Law of holding sapphire gem

If you want to wear sapphire, then put 3 to 6 carat sapphire gemstone in gold or five metal ring!

After the sun rises on the first Saturn War of any Shukla Paksha, make the life of the ring dignified! For this, first put the ring in a solution of Ganga water, milk, saffron and honey for 15 to 20 minutes, then after bath, burn 5 incense sticks in the name of Shani Dev in any temple, now remove the ring from the solution Ganga Wash it with water, after washing the ring, turn it over the dhoop diya chanting 11 times Shani Sharyacharya Namah, then place the ring at the feet of Shiva and pray to get your blessings in Shani Dev. I am wearing your representative gem and please give me your blessings!

Then touch the ring at the feet of Shiva and wear it in the middle finger.

Precautions before wearing Blue Sapphire

Be sure to consult experienced astrology before wearing Guru Ratna Neelam, otherwise in case of inauspiciousness, it can give harm instead of giving benefit!

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