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Ardra Nakshatra – Star Charged with Water

Ardra Nakshatra – Star Charged with Water

Ardra Nakshatra – Star Charged with Water Best Astrologer in Delhi, Kundali Expert offers you Genuine Astrology Services. Looking for Astrologer near me?

Ardra is a symbol of 'Yatnashakti' which means immense power to benefit from honest efforts. It represents change, destruction, and storm. The Ardra Nakshatra is like a diamond in the sky which is the star that shows good and brilliant mental abilities. It is a symbol of overcoming suffering. Since Rahu controls it, the natives of this Nakshatra are fast and dangerous.

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu is the ruling planet of the Ardra Nakshatra. It appears to be a teardrop that symbolizes both renewal and sorrow. Rudra (Lord of the storm) is the Hindu deity for this Nakshatra. The gender of the Ardra Nakshatra star is female. It shows that the native had some kind of unfulfilled desires in his previous life and which has been carried to the present life of the native. It is embedded anywhere in subconscious memory and can come out anytime.

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Let us learn about personality, characteristics, health, family life, profession and other insightful details about people whose birth Nakshatra is Ardra. Consult Acharya V Shastri is World Famous Astrologer for solution of Career, Business, Marriage and all problems

Qualities of Ardra Nakshatra

Being born in the Ardra Nakshatra, you are equally affected by the negative and positive powers due to the fact that they are ruled by both Lord Rudra and Rahu.

  • You are very kind by being a native of Ardra Nakshatra. Your external appearance is strict and rigid and that is why people sometimes consider you indecent.
  • You have a strong personality and you have a high degree of stability and determination which makes you tough.
  • Also, you are a happy person but still do not take the journey of your life lightly.
  • You do the right things at the right time which ultimately makes you entertaining.
  • You have a good understanding of things and you are also calm in nature.
  • You have got the blessing of spontaneity which helps you to cope with the uncertainties of life in all situations and achieve successes.
  • Your outer appearance is quite rigid but still, you are affectionate and kind from the inside. And because of this behavioural feature, you are always surrounded by your loved ones.
  • You also have mood swings and fluctuations due to your double personality.

Powers of Ardra Nakshatra

You have a keen mind, a good memory, and a hunger for knowledge. You are good for getting more support from higher officials and government and prefer to do manual labor. You are true, compassionate, quick-actioner, great communicator and adaptable.

Weaknesses of Ardra Nakshatra

Some of the major weaknesses of the people of the Ardra Nakshatra are arrogance, greed for material possessions, mischievous, antisocial, selfish, stubborn, rude, indulgent, violent, and abusive of power, rude, useless, dishonest, difficult, critical and untrue. .

Male Ardra Nakshatra

If you are a man who was born in a Ardra Nakshatra, then you do all your work happily with complete fulfilment and responsibility. You always become the centre of attraction because of your personality and tone. You are good at reading the thoughts of others with your intuition. When you are with your relatives and friends you behave pleasantly, but do not express gratitude to those who are on your side.

Female of Ardra Nakshatra

If you are a woman who was born in a Ardra Nakshatra then you are always well behaved and peaceful. You can also be wasteful, helpful, intelligent and annoyed from time to time. You always try to find fault in others. Your parents might not live together and get divorced as well.

Ardra Nakshatra Education, Career Orientations and Occupation

The male core of the Ardra Nakshatra possesses the ability and skill to convey a wide range of knowledge and information to their sound memory. You are a calm and kind person and even in times of difficulty, you know how to manage the situation and get out of it? When it comes to your work, you keep working on different jobs and more. You always respect the attitudes of your colleagues when your ideological views are different.

Being a female native of the Ardra Nakshatra, you do well in academics in the field of science or research. You may also get expertise in pharmacy and electronic engineering. You people of the Ardra Nakshatra will have immense success between 32 and 42 years and you can also go to a foreign land for work.

Best-suited profession: Chess player, electronics, politician, computer, analyst, software engineer, sales expert, electrical engineer, detective, technician, neurologist, video game developer, psychiatrist, science fiction writer, pharmacist, photographer, researcher and philosopher.

Ardra Nakshatra family life

Marriage of a male belonging to the Ardra Nakshatra is usually delayed. Even if the alliance happens in the early years, you will not be able to stay with your partner due to inconsistency issues or practical strengthening. You may also face many issues in your marriage which may result in separation or divorce. A late marriage is good for you because your husband will take adequate care of you. But if you are of female origin then your marriage will never be very good and you will constantly struggle with your husband. But you will get great pleasure from your children.

Ardra Nakshatra health

Being a male person of the Ardra Nakshatra, you will have to face some diseases which you may not be curable in nature. You should be very careful about dental problems, heart related problems and paralysis. You may also suffer from hearing problems, dry cough or asthma. If you are of female origin, you may suffer from asthma, menstrual problems and issues related to throat, nose, ears, uterus and blood. The best astrologer in Delhi, Acharya V Shastri invites you all to learn more about the importance and working of the Ardra Nakshatra. Book your appointment and talk to Acharya V Shastri on Phone today.