Customer Reviews

I was initially very sceptical to meet any astrologer in Bangalore but after meeting Acharya V Shastri through a close referral I will definitely encourage people who are curious to know about their horoscope to meet him once. Super knowledgeable, honest and explains each element thoroughly. His solutions are more realistic keeping in mind the future state as well. Thank you for all the help and guidance.

Sanjay Kumar Kar

Totally accurate. First of all, this was my first time getting a reading and I couldn't have picked a kinder man. He was so friendly and down to earth caring Astrologer in Dwarka, he made me feel comfortable and at home. The hour flew by. You want to just stay on his sofa and keep listening. Fascinating!! I want and need to come back.


Came to Know about Acharya V Shastri on Google and Read Some Articles About them After That I contacted him immediately. He Listens To The Problem Very Carefully and With Utmost Attention. And After Listening the Full Issue he provides a Proper Remedy. And Trust Me His Remedies Will Take Time But If You Have Patience You Will Get Your Desired Result Guaranteed. First of All You Have To Trust Him and Trust Yourself. And Have To Practice The Remedies Suggested By Him And Rest Will Happen Accordingly With Time Like Magic. I will be forever grateful as he changed My Life. Remember Proper Guidance and Dedication Will Do Wonders. He is really the Best Astrologer in Dwarka. Strongly Recommended.

Dishitha Raman

Remedies are working very well. He has got excellent knowledge of astrology. But when i met him for the first time. He was absolutely unlike other astrologers. Since then I am consulting him and i am very satisfied. He is a very sensible person nature wise. And He also helped me with right solution for my problem, His solutions was Solve may Problems. And 100%True Genuine...! Thank you So much Acharya V Shastri Ji.

Suresh Rana

Hey brother you are such an amazing source of guidance with his psychic readings and Spiritual Astrologer in South West Delhi when I am seeking clarity, confirmation, and direction in my life. Experiencing uncertainties of life can sometimes be unsettling and uncomfortable for me, and He always delivers information in a way that is gentle and comfortable for me to receive and understand. His accuracy is also of the best I have ever experienced, and I feel he truly cares about me as a person and shares information in a way that beneficial and empowering to me. I am so grateful for his services and guidance in my life. Thank you, Brother

Nikhil Jain

Acharya V Shastri’s astrology is the one of the best astrologer in Dwarka. He is the best astrologer in Delhi and 100% genuine. His predictions were 100% true, and remedies are so much easy. Highly recommendable. Thanks!

Amrender Pathak

Acharya V Shastri Ji gives me almost 100% accuracy in his readings, and is on point on every topic. I went for an individual astrology reading when I moved to the area almost four years ago, when he hardly knew me or anything about me. I have consulted with him on many things since then, and more recently went for a couple’s compatibility reading. I also referred a friend recently, who was very impressed with Acharya V Shastri Best Astrologer in Gurgaon and Dwarka knowledge and insight. I recommend him to anyone interested in an individual astrology reading, or for couples.

Jitender Singh Som

As they say, "The truth shall set you free". He was very kind and welcoming questions about my future during my palm reading. I would recommend anyone who is isn't certain about their future to see him. He is the best there is! I’m very thankful to you. You have a great knowledge power very nice Astrologer in Dwarka, West Delhi.

Baljeet Singh

This was by far the most insightful consultation I have ever had. Sir, really made me feel at home and heard me like a close family member would. I felt like he was really prepared for this session, he had spent some time on my details before he began talking to me. He gave me solutions and asked me to get back to him with my feedback. I never had such an experience Astrologer in Delhi NCR before. It's almost like he gave me the fresh pair of eyes I needed to look at myself. The session was extremely personalized, transparent and a truly eye opening experience.

Sowmini Nagpal

He is an amazingly intuitive reader and best astrologer in Dwarka and Gurgaon. The moment you meet him you immediately feel his peaceful presence and wisdom. Using his unique gifts, he is able to gain insight and help guide you in directions you may not even have been looking for. All of my sessions with He have been extremely enlightening with the questions I'd been seeking answers to for some time. He's the real deal, y'all. If you're looking for someone to give you honest, real, he is the one, I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge

Abhishek Saraswat